June 24, 2019

New E-Book

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After a long writers block episode I have finally finished my newest E-Book. Twisted DNA is about a lab accident that causes the main character Aaron swap between genders when he touches people. I hope you take a look. If you have Kindle unlimited you can even rent the book for free.

June 22, 2019

Bikini Beach Babe

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        Kevin had trouble finding a girl so his friend figured a water park full of women would help give him confidence, so he bought them both lifetime passes to Bikini Beach. Kevin arrived at the park, but when he entered the showers to wash up before entering the park, Mike called and told Kevin he couldn’t make it. Kevin almost chickened out and was about to leave, but figured since he was here, he was going to go ahead. Kevin admired the warm water and didn’t notice the changes. When Kevin turned off the water, he noticed something in the mirror. Kevin should have freaked out, but something came over him and he just smiled. Kevin knew she was going to have some fun.

Farmers Daughter

      Ryan and was laughing with his friends in public about their latest conquests. Ryan hadn’t had sex yet, but he wasn’t about to tell his friends. When it was Ryan’s turn to brag, he panicked and made something on the spot. Ryan said how he snuck into a barn with a farmers daughter and how he had pushed her over a bale of hay and doggy styled her. His friends laughed so he kept going bragging about how loose she was and how she would do anything for sex. Suddenly a woman walked up to them. She chewed out Ryan and said that if he liked farm girls then he should be one. Before Ryan could say anything, the woman snapped her fingers, and everything grew white. When Ryan could see again, he knew something was wrong. Ryan looked down at his feminine body and smiled. Ryan didn’t have to lie to his so-called friends, and besides his new body looked hot.

Twisted DNA

     Aaron had just finished his transformation. He was getting used to becoming April. Aaron worked in a pharmaceutical lab and one day there was an accident and damaged Aaron’s DNA. Whenever Aaron touches someone of the same gender he will turn into the opposite. Aaron does forget about the changes sometimes just like this last time. He accidently touched a friend’s arm and turned into April. His friend knew about the changes so it wasn’t a big shock but seeing a woman with her boobs hanging out can drive any man crazy. April looked to her friend and smiled.

June 19, 2019

My boobs

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     Nate found his girlfriend cheating on him again. She had promised not to do it again, but she slept with Nate's friend. Nate was done he loved Jessica, but she couldn't be trusted. Nate loved Jessica's body that he found a spell to swap their bodies so Nate could be Jessica and settle down with a nice man. When Nate next saw Jessica she was topless and trying to sweet talk Nate into loving her again. Nate just smiled and said his spell. Soon Nate was looking at his old body. Nate just smiled and touched his boobs and said these are my boobs. The new Jessica put on a top and walked out leaving the old Jessica in his body alone.

June 18, 2019

Couple fight

     Zack and his girlfriend were arguing again about who was supposed to cook dinner. Beth had enough and decided to swap their bodies and teach Zack a lesson. She would learn soon that it wasn't a good idea. When Zack found himself in Beth's body he just smiled and tore off her shirt and admired his new boobs. Beth just looked on as her plan backfired. The only good thing was their sex was intense and very enjoyable. They both agreed to stay in their new bodies. And the new Beth didn't care about making dinner, but she enjoyed to do it naked.

Swap Class jackpot

     Matt had just won the lottery or so he felt. The thing was his school wanted to teach students about how the other sex lives so they used a Swap class to swap students bodies. Matt had ended up with Kelly. Kelly was the head cheerleader and the most attractive girl in school. Kelly of course tired to back out of it not wanting to be a guy, but the school forced it. Matt wasted no time at all to explore his new body. He knew he was going to have fun with Kelly. The only thing besides Kelly's boobs that was on his mind was how could he make the swap permanent.

Island curse

     Charlie had won a free trip to a tropical island. Charlie hadn't even remembered entering a contest, but he wasn't going to pass up a free vacation. Charlie was flown on a private jet to an island that had an awesome house that had everything you needed. Charlie soon found out that he wasn't the only one on the island he met Cadence. She said she lived on this island and took care of the house and helped entertain the visitors. Cadence took Charlie on a tour of the island. Soon Charlie found Cadence and him stripping down. Cadence just smiled and one thing led to another. Soon Charlie opened his eyes and found out he was in the body of Cadence. Turns out Cadence stole his body and left the island. He found out by a letter that the island was cursed and Cadence was an immortal witch and lived on the island. The only way for her to leave she had to swap bodies with someone and they would become the new Cadence. Charlie just smiled and jumped for joy. He no longer had to worry about old age or a job and could enjoy this island for a very long time plus he was very hot. Maybe after a hundred years Charlie would swap bodies with someone, but he was going to enjoy it as long as he could.

Mother and son

     Amanda couldn't believe this was happening. It all started when Amanda and her nine year old son were out for mother son time when a strange man came up to her and started to hit on her. Amanda quickly shot the man down. The man grabbed Amanda's wrist as his eyes glowed. In a deep voice he said a few strange words. He then let her go and looked to her son. The man then said he hopped her son would do better. Freaked out Amanda took her son home. When they got home Amanda and her son both were tired and decided to take a nap. When Amanda woke up she saw she was in her son's room and when she got out of bed realized everything was a lot bigger. Amanda then noticed she was in her son's body. Freaked out she made her way to her room but she heard her voice laughing outside with water splashing. When Amanda walked outside she saw her body in the pool laughing and playing with toys. Her son jumped up and yelled mommy. Amanda saw that her son had forgotten to put her bikini top on. Amanda would soon find out that there was no going back and she was stuck as her nine year old son.


     Jake watched his favorite streamer play every night. Jake finally got the courage to ask her out, but of course she just laughed and banned him from her streams. Jake was broken and wanted to get revenge on her. Jake made a fake account and joined in on one of Amy's streams. Jake started to chant as he focused on Amy. He watched as Amy started to get sleepy. Jake's eyes too couldn't stay open. When Jake opened his eyes he saw that his spell had worked he found himself in Amy's body. The chat was going crazy asking if she was ok. The new Amy waited for her body to start to freak out in chat. Sure enough in all caps the account Jake had made started to type out that he stole her body and started to demand he fixed it. Amy just smiled and laughed as she banned the account. Amy closed her stream and went for a shower. Amy turned on her stream and waited for a lot of people to join. Amy quickly wasted no time and started to show off her new boobs to her viewers. The platform that Amy streamed on allowed nudity so she wanted to show off her new body and introduce the new Amy.

Great Shift suprise

     Larry was just sitting in his room looking at his usual website, when he started to feel dizzy. Larry soon blacked out. When he came too he knew something was off. He wasn't in his room anymore. When he sat up he quickly learned that he wasn't even in his body. Without hesitation Larry lifted up his shirt and bra and looked at the boobs that were now attached to his chest. Somehow he was in the body of some woman. Larry just smiled and said "Finally." Larry feared that the swap was only temporary, but he would soon find out the Great Shift was irreversible.

June 09, 2019

Werewoman suprise

     Hank looked at the woman who had forced her way into his house. Hank wanted to tell her to go away, but his male brain wouldn't let him. Hank wanted to get laid and this woman was willing to give it to him. As soon as Hank agreed to have sex the woman quickly ripped her shirt off and jumped on top of him. Hank should have known that there was something wrong. Turns out the woman was a werewoman and passed the curse onto Hank. Now during the full moon Hank turns into Heather and has the urge to sleep with any guy she can find. Hank doesn't actually mind it he loves the nights he turns into Heather he has the most fun he has ever had.

GEP Support

     Jessica was taking a shower after coming home from her big day at the governments GEP clinic. Jessica had forgotten to lock the door when her girlfriend had walked in on her. Amy wanted to see how cute James had turned out. Jessica covered herself up and looked to her girlfriend who was starting to get undressed. Amy wanted to join her girlfriend and show her how much she didn't care if she was a girl or a guy she was the same person. Amy quickly showed Jessica the perfect spots on the female body.

Summer Fun

   Jack and his friends wanted something fun to do and cool off on the hot summer day. Jack found a store in the mall that had just opened up. As soon as Jack walked into the store an elderly man greeted him. He handed Jack a bag of Magical Water balloons. The man guaranteed that the balloons would bring hours of fun. Jack paid for them and filled them up. Jack’s friends rolled their eyes and they quickly pelted him with their balloons. To their surprise their friend Jack transformed before their very eyes into a girl. Turns out that the more balloons that hit the person the longer they will stay the opposite gender. Jack’s friends continued to pelt Jackie with balloons. They sure had fun and were going to have more fun when they take the party inside.

Vampire fun

Stacy was having fun with her latest victim. She was taking her time playing with her new toy. She didn't want to rush it and cause this nice cock to disappear forever before he had her fill. Stacy was a vampire who fed off the manhood of her victims leaving them a woman. Stacy admired how big this cock was and she wanted to have it fill her but her hunger was too great and she needed to feed. She was having her fill and knew it was time. If this man was this hung as a guy she knew that when he turned into a woman she was going to have some jumbo assets.

Bikini Beach fun

   Liam knew what he was getting himself into when he bought a week pass to the new water park that had opened up in his town. There were rumors of the magic that caused men to turn into women for the length of their pass. Liam bought a week pass to try it out. And sure enough he was turned into Lisa for the week. Not only did his gender change but everyone seemed to remember Liam always being Lisa. Lisa loved her time as a woman and as soon as she was home she pushed her boobs into the shower door. Lisa had always wanted to do that. Lisa had no intentions to make her change permanent she figured a week here and there as a girl would be fine enough. And she could change her mind at anytime and make it permanent, but she was having too much fun with both worlds.

GEP first time

   Ken's heart beat faster. He was about to have sex for the first time. He had underwent his mandatory gender change for the year, and he and his best friend hit it off. Ken had never been lucky as a guy but now that he was a girl he had men throwing themselves at her. Kelly as he was going by was shy but her best friend helped her out of her shell and she wanted to reward him. Kelly didn't mind showing off her boobs, but when it came to showing off her new vagina she shied away, but Kelly knew everything was going to be ok and her friend would treat her right. Kelly took a deep breath and pulled down her pants.

Fun with slime

Aaron’s younger sister was into making slime and Aaron was tired of the way she got it everywhere. Aaron’s mom told him that he had to watch his little sister and keep her entertained. Aaron just rolled his eyes and agreed if he got paid. Aaron’s mom gave him a special slime kit that she found at the mall and told him that his sister could play with it. Aaron watched his little sister making the slime and knew it was going to get everywhere and he was going to get blamed for it. Aaron’s sister sprayed water at Aaron, and he had to take off his shirt. He was close to screaming at his sister when she dumped the whole batch of slime over Aaron’s head. Aaron let out a scream and was shocked to hear a feminine voice. Aaron’s sister just laughing away and laughing at how she had always wanted a big sister. Turns out the slime could change someone’s gender and Aaron’s sister had read how to do it and wasted no time to turn Aaron into her big sister.

May 28, 2019

Good girl

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"Don't look at me like that young lady." Nate's mother said as Nate stood up from the tub. "I warned you not to go and sleep with that girl and you disobeyed."

Nate didn't know if he should be mad or terrified at what his mother did to him.

"You will be a good girl and listen to your mother, or we just may need to change you into something more obedient."

Day one GEP

Jason got dressed like he did everyday just this time it was a bit different. Today was his first full day as Jessica. Jason had turned 21 and was forced to undergo the GEP and was turned into a woman for a whole year. Jessica admired her body and smiled wondering what she should do first. Jessica wanted to have some fun and maybe find a guy or even a girl to have some fun with.


Victoria loved being a witch. She used magic for everything. There was one problem she couldn't make men fall in love with her, so when Victoria found a man she wanted she tired everything she could to woo him. The thing was when Victoria went after Grace's boyfriend Grace let Victoria know who she was messing with. Victoria just laughed and snapped her fingers. Grace soon felt herself being pulled towards Victoria's chest. Victoria just pulled out her boobs and watched as Grace started to meld with them. Soon Victoria's chest was twice the size and Grace was nowhere to be seen. Grace silently screamed from her fleshy prison.


Bethany's boyfriend had enlisted in the army and was happy to serve, but when Bethany offered to enlist too Kevin just laughed and said women don't belong of the battlefield. Bethany took offence and cast a spell on Kevin turning him into Kelly.

"Until you learn that women are just as good as men you'll be stuck as a girl." Bethany said leaving the room. As soon as Bethany was gone Kelly quickly lifted her shirt and started to examine her boobs. Bethany walked back into the room to yell at Kelly some more just to see what her boyfriend was up to and just shook her head.


Amber was stunned as she watched as a stranger started to morph into a clone of her. Amber watched as the man wasted no time and started to explore his new body. The new Amber then looked at the old Amber and smiled. He just snapped his fingers and Amber started to shrink. Amber soon was buried under her clothes that didn't fit her anymore. Amber tried to scream but all that came out was a meow. The new Amber just laughed and started to pet Amber.

"I knew you would make a cute little kitten." The new Amber said with a laugh. "I'll take care of your body. Well until I get bored of it and move on. Now be a good kitty and run along."


Ken loved waking up in the morning. The view he got of his reflection was just perfect. Ken had always wanted to be a girl, but never dreamed it would happen that was until a strange event happened. There was a strange solar storm that occurred and it sent a shockwave around the world that affected most of the population on the planet. The shockwave seemed to cause people to swap bodies. Man became women, women became men, elderly people became young people and so on. Ken was swapped into a body of a woman. Ken wondered who wound up in his body, but becoming a woman was just too perfect and he never looked back.


Jack looked to his friend and immediately regretted what he had just done. Jack had made up a fake girlfriend to impress his family, but when they wanted to meet this mysterious woman Jack panicked. Jack resorted into using his wish coin he had been saving. The coin wouldn't let him make a woman love him or create one out of thin air so he had to resort to other means. Jack's friend Mike came over and Jack quickly wished that Mike was his girlfriend. Instantly Mike turned into a woman. Jack looked at his girlfriend and his heart beat faster. Megan just looked at her boyfriend and smiled. Jack's fears washed away. Turns out Megan's mind has been modified to think she had always been a girl. Jack's family quickly grew to love Megan.

Swap desisions.

I looked into the mirror and rolled my eyes. Once again my girlfriend Natalie has swapped our bodies. She has done this many times before, but as of late she has been swapping our bodies every time she starts her period. I could feel the familiar cramping and knew that this time was the same. I was actually getting used to being Natalie that I am close to telling her that I want to stay in her body. If I get pregnant the spell would become permanent. The only thing was being on my period was I couldn't get pregnant until after it was way over. I just need to trick Natalie to swap our bodies before she has her period and then I could try and make the change permanent. Or I could just ask her, I mean she has swapped our bodies a lot she may also like being in my body.

April 24, 2019

Sacrafice yourself Part 2

Andrew knew that he couldn't let his friend Jack suffer for what was his plan. Andrew agreed and suddenly the world turned white. Andrea still can't get over her new chest and her female body. The thing was the old woman didn't tell her the true part of her punishment. If Andrea didn't sleep with a man during the week she would become the rat that the witch threated to turn him into. The only thing was Andrew didn't have to worry about that because Jack is so thankful to Andrea for sacrificing herself that Jack is more then willing to help.

April 21, 2019

Easter Egg suprise

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Owen's wife warned him that the Easter chocolates were for the kids  Owen didn't listen of course so he snuck into the fields and found a lot of the chocolate eggs. Owen munched on a lot of them before he realized something was going on. Owen looked down at his massive chest. Turns out that the chocolate was magical and if an adult were to eat them it would cause some changes. For every egg that Owen ate his chest got bigger. Owen had two eggs left and was debating if he should eat the eggs and grow two more sizes or just leave them alone seeing as they are already massive. Owen figured what was two more sizes and scarfed them down.

Grandma's help

William had a crush on the girl across the street. He had a crush on her for years. William tried to muster up the courage to ask her out but he was too shy. Finally William had enough and wanted just had to go and ask. William and Heather were in her room when William finally blurted out that he wanted to be with her. William just turned red. Heather looked down dreading what she was about to tell Will. Turns out Heather was a lesbian and she only dated women. William ran to the bathroom crying. Will just wanted everything to end. Heather too was in tears she really enjoyed being friends with Will and now she had ruined that. Heather's grandma had overheard the problem and decided to help the two. Soon Will found himself changing into a woman. Wendy wasted no time and rushed into Heather's room where she gave her a big kiss. Wendy and Heather took the rest of the day to explore Wendy's new body. Wendy soon loved the way her nipples were so sensitive.

Body Swaped Tennis

Tim couldn't believe he let his sister talk him into doing this. Tim's sister pleaded with him to swap with her so they could win her school's State Championship. Tim was a better Tennis player and he would ensure that they scored enough wins to make sure her team won. Tim only agreed so his sister would just shut up. Tim soon found himself in his sisters body playing Tennis. Tim of course won every match and soon found himself being asked to join a tournament circuit that would take him all over the world. Tim considered declining it but he knew his sister would kill him. The only thing was the spell that swapped their bodies couldn't be used again for a month, and the circuit started in a few weeks and would last the year. So either he turned down the offer and faced his sisters wrath or he took the man up on his offer and be stuck in his sisters body for a whole year.

GEP wardrobe malfunctions

Megan bent over to pick up a pen she dropped when she noticed her boobs hanging out. Megan quickly covered herself up and looked up at her best friend.

"Still getting used to these." Megan laughed awkwardly. Ever since being forced to become a woman Megan has had a crush on her best friend Steve. Megan has only been a woman for a few days but so she still hasn't gotten used to wearing a bra so her boobs pop out easily. The thing was Steve noticed his friend more because of the little slip ups and he loved them.

Chatroom change

Ken was fascinated with a chat room that he found. Ken had made a fake account where he claimed to be an 18 year old woman. Ken loved chatting to other guys and pretending to be a girl. Ken was chatting with a guy who desperately wanted to see her naked. Ken knew that he couldn't do that, but suddenly his camera on his phone turned on and showed the man what Ken really looked like, but in the cam Ken saw instead of him a very attractive woman Ken had wished he looked like. Kelly's memories started to flood back to her. The man just smiled and told Kelly that she was welcome. Kelly just looked back at the hunk and did whatever he wanted as a thankyou.

Witch Justice

Brittany loved being a witch, she truly enjoyed punishing people who deserve it. Her bitch of a neighbor soon found herself on all fours running around the town. Her latest project was an ex-boyfriend of a friend of hers wouldn't leave her friend alone. So she decided to teach the man a lesson. The game was an easy egg hunt. Brittany placed parts of the mans manhood in each egg turning the man into a woman. If the woman found all the eggs she would be turned back into a man. She had 1 hour to find all the eggs. The Woman thought she had found all the eggs or so she thought, but when the time limit ended Brittany just laughed as she pulled out an egg she had hid in her cleavage. The woman had failed to find all the eggs so she was stuck as a woman forever. Brittany laughed as she left to find someone else to punish.


Amber just found out that her boyfriend Liam has been cheating on her with some bimbo. Amber soon confronted the bitch and tired to tell her off for bewitching her boyfriend.

"Trust me I don't have to use my magic to get Liam to be with me. Your ugliness does it for me." The woman laughed. "Liam has said that your chest is the only reason why he stays with you. So I will use my magic on you." Amber looked terrified as the woman put Ambers hand onto the woman's chest and Amber felt a sickening pulling feeling. Soon Amber was no more and the woman's chest had doubled in size.

"Perfect." The woman said grasping her new chest. "Liam will love the new me. Don't worry I am not a monster you will still feel all the pleasure my boobs feel." The woman wasted no time and started to rub the new Amber all over Liam's erect cock. Amber moaned in the woman's head. Amber was no more then a pair of boobs but it felt soo good.

Sacrafice yourself part 1

Andrew and convinced his friend Jack into helping him sleep with all the women in their town. Jack didn't want to do it but he couldn't turn down sex with women. Andrew and Jack were about halfway into their quest when a woman who looked exactly like Jack came up to him an started to strip. Andrew just smiled until another woman appeared.

"Poor Jack, didn't know who he was messing with." The woman said. "Of course he isn't the true mastermind of the pact. That would be you. Now you can do the right thing and take Jackie's place and allow him to change back. Or I could turn you into the rat you truly are." Andrew just laughed and was about to brush the woman off when he saw her eyes start to glow. "Choose now or I will choose for you!"

YOU CHOOSE in the comments. 1 if you think Andrew should take Jack's place or 2 if you think Andrew should call her bluff and risk becoming a rat.

Witch's trail

Jack never believed in magic or superstitions and to prove it he went on the witch's trail that claimed to be inhabited by an angry witch that punished anyone who entered her domain. Jack just laughed it off and made the journey. It was a long track and he laughed as he exited the forest. Jack had not seen one witch or any other magical beast. The thing was Jack didn't notice the two new assets on his chest that told him otherwise.

GEP fun exploration

David was in total shock when he arrived home after his clinic appointment for the mandatory GEP. David was home and he wasted no time in checking out his female body. David was so lost in his head that he didn't hear his best friend coming into the house and calling out his name. David turned around as his friend walked into the room. Not used to being a girl yet David forgot to cover his new chest. Nate got a full view of Danna's boobs. David wanting to test out his new body allowed Nate to help him test it out. Nate wasted no time and started to play with Danna's nipple. One thing led to another and Danna and Nate soon moved the fun to the bed.

New begining

Kendra was getting tired of how her brother treated his girlfriends. Kendra was fed up when her brother messed with her best friend. Kendra looked for the best way to punish her brother when she stumbled on a curse. It had to be done on Easter. This was perfect as Easter was close. Kendra prepared the items needed. One thing was she had to have an egg in her cleavage for 24 hours. If she broke the egg before she could cast the curse it would be a whole year before she could cast it again. Luckily this was not the case. She then wrote her brother's name on the egg and placed it into the potion. If everything went right, when she pulled out the egg it would be pink. She could hardly wait. As she pulled out the egg she laughed as it was pink, and instead of her brother's name Phil the name Phoebe was written. Her new sister couldn't hurt any more girls unless she turns out to be a lesbian. 

March 27, 2019

Werewoman fun

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      Jane struggled to get out of her bonds that her male self had put on to contain her. Jane was a werewoman and during the full moon she got to come out to play. During the daytime Jane was boring old John. When Jane was in control she would go out in the town and have her way with the many men who passed into town. She would pass her curse onto them turning them into werewoman too. John soon figured out what was going on and took precautions to try and stop Jane's reign of terror. Jane just laughed and enjoyed the sensation of being tied up. She made little work of the bonds and freed herself and she went about her nightly fun. Jane did consider making the swap permanent, but that would mean she would have to get pregnant and she wasn't ready for that, but one day she was going to and she would be free from John forever.

GEP Love

      Stacy couldn't get over how sexy her boyfriend had become. Liam had just turned 21 and had to undergo the GEP and turn into Lindsey for a whole year. Stacy was actually excited for Liam as Stacy was bisexual and wanted to see how Liam looked as a girl. It didn't take long for Lindsey to get used to her new female body and the first night home Stacy and her continued things like normal. Lindsey still prefers to be on top. Stacy has a secret that she hasn't told Lindsey. Stacy had forged Lindsey's signature and waved the reversal procedure so when the year is up Lindsey will remain a woman forever.