June 18, 2019

Island curse

     Charlie had won a free trip to a tropical island. Charlie hadn't even remembered entering a contest, but he wasn't going to pass up a free vacation. Charlie was flown on a private jet to an island that had an awesome house that had everything you needed. Charlie soon found out that he wasn't the only one on the island he met Cadence. She said she lived on this island and took care of the house and helped entertain the visitors. Cadence took Charlie on a tour of the island. Soon Charlie found Cadence and him stripping down. Cadence just smiled and one thing led to another. Soon Charlie opened his eyes and found out he was in the body of Cadence. Turns out Cadence stole his body and left the island. He found out by a letter that the island was cursed and Cadence was an immortal witch and lived on the island. The only way for her to leave she had to swap bodies with someone and they would become the new Cadence. Charlie just smiled and jumped for joy. He no longer had to worry about old age or a job and could enjoy this island for a very long time plus he was very hot. Maybe after a hundred years Charlie would swap bodies with someone, but he was going to enjoy it as long as he could.

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