July 06, 2017

Woken up

Oh my gosh what the hell! Where is my dick? Why am I a chick.? What did you do to me?

Relax this isn't a permeant thing your dick will come back when the sun comes up. Welcome to womanhood. Every night during the full moon you will turn into a girl until the sun comes up. Let me tell you, you make one hell of a girl just look at those boobs. You see I am a werewomen just like you and after we had sex my curse spread to you turning you into a werewomen.

So once the sun comes up I'll be a man again if that's the case it's not so bad I mean I get to play with this body and go back to being a guy later. Wow this actually is gonna be fun. I always wondered what it would be like to be a chick but I never wanted to be one. So... you want to go again with this body show me the ways women get off?

What a steal

Oh yes I knew this chick was worth the trouble of following her until she was alone. Her body is one nice steal her boobs are perfect. Also who is she trying to attract with the bottom of her boobs popping out. I mean don't get me wrong it's what caught my attention but doesn't she know that most nice guys get scared off when a women is confidant enough to show this much body. I can't wait to test her out with a guy... Oh sorry hun I forgot about you. See the magic I used swaps our bodies but as a way for you not to go blabbing it turns my old body with your soul in it into a mouse. So sorry hun but you better scurry off before your cat there decides he wants a snack

Magical Member part 3

Ok the first few times with my magical member were complete accidents where the man accidently looks at it and turns. Well this time it was on purpose. See my girlfriend Kelly had some friends over for a gaming party and there was one guy who came over that totally annoyed me. He acted all high and mighty loving to rub it in when he killed us in the games. I had enough of him so I wanted to take him down a peg or two so out come my cock and poof Mr. high and mighty is now a Miss high and tight. I waved my cock around and she couldn't help but follow. Of course I wouldn't cheat on Kelly so I put him away and the girl actually started to cry. I am starting to love my curse.

Magic member part 2

See this thing is really a curse. I knew having a male roommate was going to be a bad thing but my friend really needed a place to stay. He was taking a shower and I really needed to pee so I warned him not to come out. He must of had water in his ears because he turned around and poof he is now a she. All she could do was stare at it and say wow. Once again my magic member grew in anticipation of it's newest victim. Once the initial effects of the curse wore off Kevin or Kelly now started to freak out but she loved my cock and we actually remained friends.

Magic member part 1

I have the strangest curse ever. It's been passed on to every male in my family. And I would not have been born if my mother didn't fall victim to my dads curse. See anytime a male looks at my cock he is instantly turned into a girl. No one in our family knows why this happens but it does. In fact the girl here used to be a guy that was until my towel slipped off me and he spotted my dick. Seeing a guy turn into a cock loving girl never fails to make me rise to the occasion. I do feel sorry for this guy but hey I'm not going to deny her the thing she wants most right now.

Too late

I can't believe that I did that to my best friend. I was tired of being alone and when I found that spell to turn him into a chick I just had to do it. He always bragged about how many women he had one night stands with so I am doing the women of the world a favor by turning him into a women. The thing is the spell would turn him into a girl for 24 hours in body and mind. If within that 24 hours she were to swallow cum she would be stuck as a girl forever but her male mind would come back. So when Amber sucked my cock I made sure she swallowed. Aaron may never forgive me for turning him into a chick but it's too late now and I really enjoyed the time we spent together.

One more time

Crap come on cum faster the sun is up and about to change back into being an ugly guy again. I just need one last good time then I'll go back to being Chuck for the day. Please body give me one last ride.


Aww she looks so peaceful sleeping there in my old body. I wish I could stay and see her freak out when she wakes up but this girl has stuff to do and boobs to feel up. And there is no way that bitch is getting her body back bye-bye hun.