April 29, 2017



Dale and his friends went to the beach for the first time after his 21st birthday and the first as a chick. Danielle as she is going by and her friends started to drink and Danielle not knowing that her body was a lightweight drank a bit to much for her body and well as you can see she started to do some non womanly things. Danielle better watch it around her male friends tonight because one of  the laws in the equal gender reassignment is that if a girl happens to get pregnant in the year the child must have a mother and swap is made permanent. So unless Danielle is extremely fond of her new boobs she may want to keep her legs shut for the whole year.


Don't worry Oscar my magic is fool proof we are never going to see Lindsey again or at least not what she used to look like. You were tired of that clingy girlfriend of yours I wanted her gone and wanted you so I used my spell and once you and her had sex for the last time she was sucked into you and became one with your cock making it so much bigger. It's a win, win I get you and your massive cock and you get rid of her. Now her screams in your head will die out eventually but for the time being lets make her screams of horror into moans of pleasure.

April 28, 2017


Good girl

Scott had a crush on Lori but Lori didn't have the same feelings. Scott was at the mall when he came across a store that he never saw before. It looked like an antique store. The store owner came to him with an old necklace and told him that this would solve his problems with Lori and that she would be more obedient to him. Scott accepted it and quickly left the store. The store owner yelled out to him to not have sex with her while she had the necklace on but Scott didn't hear it. The antique worked perfectly and Lori did everything her master asked. The highlight of his night was the best sex ever but as he rolled over he noticed Lori's ears start to elongate and move to the top of her head. He watched as the love of his life started to change into a dog right in front of him. Well at least she was still obedient. Scott went back to the store and the old man was there and told him he tried to warn him and handed Scott a dog collar with the name Lori on the tag.

Boob man

Oh Phil your the only one to blame for your current situation. I actually believed I loved you and then I find you sleeping with that bitch Iris on the side. You always told me you were a boob man and now that is what you are boobs. Oh don't worry about Iris I turned her into the true bitch she is. I gave her to my nephew he always wanted a dog. Being boobs isn't a bad thing you can still feel everything like this every time my boobs bounce its like I'm jacking you off. 

Bad friend

Ok Drew all the creepy old lady said was for me to have sex as a women and the spell will be broken. Thanks for the fun date I just had to see if going back to a man was even worth it but trust me being a chick was fun for the day but I want my dick back so lets do this...
Oh I almost forgot after you cum in me the spell will go to you so have fun being a chick. Sorry too late to stop now you know magic and all it'll make you unable to pull out of me sorry.


Yes Candice they are real. Your mother found out we slept together and apparently she wasn't too happy so she turned me into a girl. Please stop that the bra is rubbing against my nipples and making me horny. Candice please your mother was very clear either I be a good girl and treat her baby girl right or she will turn me into something else please I can not take it anymore. Fuck it I don't care what your mother does to me I need you right now.


There is that proof enough for you Lynne I have magical powers and now you are nothing but my ass. Yeah scream all you like no one can hear you. Just accept it and enjoy it. Every time my panties slip into you, you will have the best orgasm of your life and so will I. If you don't believe me here. Ooo that's a good girl accept your fate you are nothing but an ass.



April 27, 2017


Alex had a secret she hid from her boyfriend. She used to be a guy well that was before she slept with the wrong person and was drained of her manhood turning her into a sperm vampire. She craves the essence of man and can't get enough. She actually fell in love with one of her victims. She was doing good getting her supply form somewhere else but the men had been slowly driven away leaving her with just her boyfriend she tired as best she could but she couldn't hold out anymore. She would miss his big cock but she would hopefully gain a girlfriend to help her score more cocks.


Mr. Smith we have been getting to many complaints by your female co-workers of your foul mouth towards them. Seeing as its your word against theirs there is not much legal action we can take but in your contract with us in the fine print it does give us the ability to "help you" with your sexual harassment. You will remain a female for three months. In this time you will learn to respect women. If you fail to you will remain a female permanently and be terminated from your position. Any thing you have to say. Yes Mr. Smith those are boobs.

Step sister fun part 2

So turns out there is a magical council that has guidelines of magic use. The number one rule is no non magical person shall know of magic. As punishment they swapped me into my step sister permanently and wiped her mind. So now I am stuck as a chick forever but hey I'm not complaining I was actually loving her body and was considering keeping it. The downside is they took away my magic until they prove I can be a "good girl". I asked them to define "good"

Step sister fun part 1

Swapping bodies with my step sister is fun. I always enjoy showing off her big tits to anyone who wants to see them and lets face it with these babies everyone wants to see them. Amy knows now not to mess with me but every now and then I have to show her. I have never gone farther then to show her tits I mean I'm not evil I would never make her the slut of the town but hey if that's what she pushes me to then so be it.

April 22, 2017

Oh my gosh this hair is driving me nuts I can't see how Amy can stand it always getting in the way. I can't let this get to me I need to win this bet. If I fail and complain about being a chick I will lose the bet and have to stay Rachel for a whole year. The good thing is I've almost made it the whole day and nothing but this stupid hair is getting to me. Even the cat calls and slaps on my ass don't bother me and seeing as I'm giving all my neighbors a show swimming naked in our pool I don't care what people think of me but this stupid hair I want to chop it down short. If I can just manage a few more hours I will win and Amy has to walk around nude at our house and play with my cock whenever I wish. I may return to being Rachel every once and a while it is a bit fun.

Ever since I was turned into a girl by my mother who was tired of me not respecting my girlfriends I had been a good girl worried that my mother may do something worse to me. Well eventually my best friend when I was a guy and I started to get a little closer and before you know it I'm stroking his dick. If just stroking him makes me this wet I can't wait till we go all the way. Screw being the good little girl I want to be bad tonight. I don't care if my mother turns me into a cat at least I will have one awesome last night as a human.

Sausage fest

All these girls were guys just a moment ago that was before someone realized that the party was all dudes and someone wished there were girls here. Suddenly poof the four guys suddenly turned into chicks. They wasted no time and ran to the bathroom mirror took off their tops and shook their boobs. Now they are wondering if they should continue the party with just them or go find some cocks to tease.


Come on Jack show me your tits. It's not my fault that my wife cheated on me with you. She is now the true bitch that she is and you get to take her place. Now be a good girl and show me them puppies. Or I could always reunite Angela and you she could use a playmate.


I am getting tired of Amber trading bodies with me just so she can have fun with her friends and not get hit on all the time. Well I'm gonna make her regret her choice on choosing me to trade with. You want to see her boobs just wait a sec here.