May 22, 2017

Personal Secretary

Josh couldn't believe how good this felt. Hands grasping his new boobs his nipples rubbing up against the fabric of his shirt. Just a moment ago his boss called him into his office. Josh was going to get fired and pleaded with his boss to let him keep his job. That's when he offered him a job as his personal secretary all he had to do was touch the magical pendant and turn himself into a women. Josh couldn't afford to lose his job so changing genders was the least of his worries so he agreed. Little did Josh know what his boss's secretary actually did. Well now she knows and she actually doesn't mind that much as long as she gets to suck his cock soon.

Sweet revenge

Come on Brad seriously we need to find the spell to reverse this before its too late. Being a chick was fun for a while but now its time to get our real bodies back.

Don't be a buzz kill Chad let us enjoy it one more time these bodies can do it multiple times without needing to rest.

What Chad really was doing was stalling for time. Chad cast spells on him and Brad to change them into girls to see what it was like. Chad cast a timed spells the one on him would expire turning him back to male self after 4 hours but the one he cast on Brad would last 4 hours too but when time expired he would be locked in the body of a girl. Chad just had to stall and keep Brad occupied long enough and he would be stuck as a chick. That's when he gets for stealing Chad's girlfriend in high school.


Oh my gosh this is so awesome. At first swapping bodies with my girlfriend was a bit strange but once we got into it, it was the best sex of my life. Usually after sex I get tired and take a nap but Zoe's body feels electrified and ready for more. Even after sex her body keeps the high going for a long time. Oh crap where is the reversal ring we need both in order to swap back. Man talk about a buzz kill. I mean I love sex as a girl but I don't want to be one forever. If I don't find that ring Zoe may think I did this on purpose to steal her body. If I know my old body I have an hour before she wakes up from her after sex nap.


A friend of John's gave him a coin and told him it was magical and that it would grant him any one wish. John was lonely except for his cat Amber and he wondered what she would look like as a human so he held the coin and wished for his cat to be human. He watched as his cat started to grow in size and loose her fur. Soon there was a very attractive women where his cat used to be. The women stared to purr and walked over to John. She grabbed his hands. John was too mesmerized by his former cat he didn't realize she snatched the coin. He snapped back to reality when she wished that John was a cat. His heart sank as he started to shrink. Amber moved the pile of cloths on the floor revealing the new John. She told him that he was not her type but she did have a few cat friends who he would be perfect for.

May 11, 2017


Here you go Tina here is your hunk of a boyfriend back. See after hearing you brag about how manly your man was and how big and sexy he was over and over I got tired of it. So I decided to change him and punish you at the same time. See I have a magical pink potion that can change any male into a female. I bet you didn't know that about me. Yeah remember that old boyfriend you had before this hunk that was me. You dumped me for him that's when I decided I needed a fresh start and took the pink potion myself. I was fine being your friend and hanging out but just hearing you brag on about him just made me mad. Oh and all I had to do was promise him I would show him my boobs and he came running over. So be happy I turned him into a chick he wasn't much of a man. Oh and she loves it when you nibble on her ear lobe.


Ah Amy scream all you like no one can hear you your just a voice in my head. I have done this for years and have mastered body snatching. I could be you for years without tiring out so don't waste your energy. See I snatch bodies and sell them to the highest bidder. Someone paid me a hole lot for me to take your body someone by the name of Ken. He used to be a boyfriend of yours till you dumped him at a family get together. See he always wanted you to walk around the house naked so here you are fulfilling his dreams. Oh and he wants you to be barefoot and pregnant so we are going to do just that tonight. Soon you will be pregnant and his girl. Well that is as soon as he gets you knocked up I will snatch his body and move his soul to this body trapping him in the body he wanted with you forever or whoever gets in control so have fun being pregnant and trapped with your ex.

Boob man

There you go Steve how does that feel. I know its cold can you feel your skin tighten I can tell because your stiffening up. I told you I'm a witch and now that your a pair of boobs now you know. You get pleasure when something touches you like my bra rubbing on your nipples. Oh one more thing this water wasn't just for me to show you how good you'll feel its also to seal my magic. Yep there is no going back for you your now my boobs forever. That's what you get for looking at Megan's boobs the other day. Oh and as for Megan she gets to hold you up for a while. I changed her into a bra shortly after she flashed her boobs at you. Hope you too make a good couple its gonna be a long ride for you both.


Some friends I have. We all went to a party where there was real magic. One such magic was one drink of beer got you drunk but only lasted an hour with no hangovers so if you drank one beer an hour you would keep your buzz. There was many things like that one of which was popular for a few was the magic pool that would change your gender but be careful because it only be used by you once so you can't use it to change back. Well I didn't fell like drinking that night and my friends were calling me a party pooper. Then someone dumped a bucket of beer on me. Afraid the beer would soak into my skin and get me drunk I took off my cloths. Well that's when my friends got the brilliant idea of wrapping me up in a blanket and throwing me into the pool. As you can see by the time I hit the bottom I was a chick. I hope those bastards know that I am not going to give them a blowjob tonight. Well ok maybe one while the others watch.

Curse broken

 Finally I was able to break the witch's curse without having a princess kiss me. And seeing as I was in a swamp in the United States its unlikely that a princess would come along. The only thing it looks like was I am now a women. I don't care anymore at least I am human and besides with a body like this I'm sure I can get free stuff easily. Now who do I need to suck to get a hamburger.


Don't worry Matt you'll love being a girl. Your mother paid us well for this little transformation. And she will allow your male mind to maintain control unless you start to act unwomanly then we get to come back and make you think and behave like the women you are. Have fun Meg I'm sure you'll have fun.

May 04, 2017


NO NO NO this can't be happening. Why in the world would you dump a bucket of cold water on me don't you know that body suits permanently attach when you get splashed with cold water. Fuck off you did know you just wanted me to stay as Sheela didn't you. What did you expect that I would just say oh thank you for giving me this body now I'll suck your cock... Oh no why does that thought turn me on. No please I didn't know that my mind would change too. Oh my gosh this feels so good...

Hey there babe sorry I'm a little soaked at the moment but if you want we can go dry off and I can give you that lower massage I promised you. Thanks again for allowing me to stay here I seemed to have lost all my id and money. I hope I can pay you back for all the kindness now pull out that cock mommas hungry.

Hit witch

Well it was fun while it lasted Jake but its time I turn you into a chick. Nothing personal just business. I was paid good money by your ex girlfriend Gina to punish you and make sure you never use your cock to tease another girl again. Don't believe I'm a witch here with just a flick I can instantly make you cum. Now don't worry once your a girl she will be in control she will do everything all you have to do is float there in your head screaming if you want but it will be useless. Now I'll let you decide red hair or brown hair. Don't worry about your cup size Gina was nice enough to pay for DD size boobs so you can get all the guys attention. This is a nice big cock it would be a shame to go to waste so I'm going to take it and make it into a dildo just for you bye bye.


Jeff didn't know that the magical massage was actually magical. When he paid for his massage and ordered the smooth skin relaxation package with happy ending he didn't realize what he paid for until it was too late. See the magical oils in the massage really bring out your inner beauty and in case of Jeff's case his inner women. The massage was so good he dosed off only to be awoken by a strange feeling of his chest flopping around. He looks down to see a pair of boobs bouncing around. All he could do was stare in shock.


That is it Veronica I have warned you many times not to sneak out and see that boy he is no good for you. Luckily your pregnancy test was negative. This is the last straw I didn't want to have to do this to you but you leave me no choice. As punishment you get to live a whole year as dog. Yes it is possible Veronica trust me I know first hand your grandmother turned me into a dog for a year and that was because I didn't say excuse me when I burped one time. Veronica you will behave as a dog or I may just have to keep you as a pet. Now be careful in the backyard our neighbors dog may find away into our yard and I'm sure you don't want puppies.


I can't believe how sexy I still look even though I am a few months pregnant. A few months ago I would have laughed at you and called you crazy if you told me I would be pregnant soon seeing as a few months ago I was a dude. My girlfriend and I finally got the nerve to actually have sex. And being the dumb horny guy I told her don't worry I'll pull out before its too late. Well being my first time I got too into the ride and I forgot to pull out. A week later Hanna tells me she is pregnant. Well turns out her grandmother is a witch and did not like what I did to her little granddaughter. She put a curse on me turning me into a pregnant teen just like Hanna. The world seemed to change too. As far as anyone knew I was always a girl. Hanna and I are best friends and are going though our pregnancies together. I do have to say I look way hotter then Hanna. The thing is I don't know who the father of my baby is. Being a girl is actually not half bad. Of course being pregnant I have yet to have a period so yeah...


Oh wow I can't even begin to describe what it feels like right now. When I get turned on as a guy it's more down at my cock. But now that I am in control of Kelly getting aroused is a whole body thing. Sorry Kelly but I may just keep your body. This is fun. All I have to do is stay in this body for over 24 hours and my soul will make this my default body and your soul will find its way into my old one. I love being a soul swapper it gets fun but every now and then I find one I want to keep and Kelly is a keeper. Sorry Kelly but this is my body now.

Great shifted

Ok I am not sure what happened. One minute I am in my room kissing my girlfriend and the next thing is I find myself in a strange room and a girl. According to her Twitter account I am Heather just turned 21 and apparently I have a boyfriend who just texted me that he is coming over right now. Umm wow my heart is pounding I can't tell if its because I'm nervous about a guy coming over or freaked out that I am now a girl or if it's this body getting excited knowing what is about to happen. Ok Heather lets take this one step at a time. Wow all the memories of what "my" boyfriend's cock looks like and sucking on it. Heather is one kinky freak I may enjoy this.


May 02, 2017

Suns up

Oh no the sun is up and I'm still a girl. This is not good. Maybe if I go outside and bask in the sun I'll go back to normal. You see I am a werewomen I turn into a women every night. I love my night life when I turn into  Christina but I love being able to go back to Chris when the sun comes up. And if I'm still Christina and the sun is fully up then that means only one thing the guy I slept with last night got me pregnant. It may be too soon for any tests to show that I am but the curse knows. Dang it I'm not ready to be a women full time let alone a mother.

Time wasted

Dang it I was promised the spell would last longer then that. She was so close to sealing the spell and keeping her a chick. I guess she will go back to being Gary again. The spell turned Gary into a women and made him think he was always a chick and all I had to do was get her to suck my cock and make the spell permanent. But silly me wanted to humiliate him and wasted time now his mind is back and there goes my chances of keeping him a girl. I can already feel the side effects of the spell failing. I hope being a girl isn't bad seeing as now that he failed to suck my cock I am the one who will turn into a girl. Dang I'm gonna miss my cock.

New me

Ok Kelly this is a new town and a new school no one knows that you used to be a guy. When my parents were killed in a crash the only family member who would take me in was my crazy aunt. There was one condition of course that she was allowed to turn me into a girl. She always wanted a daughter. Seeing as I had no other choice I agreed and she cast a spell on me turning me into Kelly. I'm always worried that someone may see through the spell and see my old cock and make fun of me but everyone is very welcoming especially the guys. Of course they are extra helpful because they want to get into my pants but hey I like the extra attention. Heck if I get more confident maybe one of them will get into my panties or me out of them.


Hi Amber I wasn't expecting you home so soon. There is something I need to tell you. I am your boyfriend Tom and I can swap genders at will. When I turned 18 my family curse kicked in. I turned into a guy and had to sleep with a girl to change back. After I did that turns out I can swap genders at will. So the person you see before you is the real me. Normally I don't like the male me but when I met you I just had to have you. Oh this guy don't worry he means nothing just a cock to please me nothing more. Please Amber I don't want to lose you but I can't stand being a guy for very long when your not home so I change back. If you want we can double team him or I could change back to male and we can please you.


Megan was tired of her boyfriends lies. She found out that he was sleeping with some other women and she had enough she needed to teach him a lesson. One night while he was sleeping Megan slipped Kyle a pink pill and watched as he turned into a she. Megan at first was going to let that be it but then she saw the remote vibrator and thought that would be a wonderful way to wake Kylie from her nap. She slid it in and admired her handiwork and pushed the power button.


Our mom being a witch had always swapped our bodies when my sister and I fought. When we were little it was gross girls had cooties. But now look at MY body. Any time I wanted to out and have a good time I would start a fight. My sister also enjoys hanging out with my friends as one of the guys. I've had fun playing with my self tonight but I think I'll go find the real thing. Maybe my best friend Kyle.


Just breathe and relax they can't tell your not Emily. She needed help with her job interview today so like the awesome boyfriend you are you agreed to help. Of course you expected to coach her not swap bodies with her. Although she, or should I say I, look good today. Good thing I don't have a penis right now because my bra keeps rubbing against my nipples turning me on I doubt I could have hid my erection. The downside to this is if I fail she said she would make our swap permanent. Is that really a bad thing I do wonder what giving a blow job feels like. Oh my gosh I am horny.

Girls dorm

My girlfriend and I go to the same collage. The only thing is the dorms are gender specific. There are rumors about guys sneaking in after hours into the girls dorms and never being seen again. That's probably because they got expelled or at least that was what I thought before I found out what exactly happens. See the women in charge of discipline turned out to be a witch and she does not appreciate boys sneaking into girls rooms. One night I had to go see my girlfriend late at night and we had fun. The next morning I wake up to find out I am now a girl. Not only that but the witch changed my whole world apparently I am and always have ben Jennifer. My girlfriend and I are roommates and have been BFFs since preschool. The best thing is I love being a girl and my boyfriend and I are going to make it official tonight. Hope he doesn't fall asleep in my dorm or he will wind up as a girl too.

Witch hunter

All you novice witch hunters are all the same you rush in to take down a witch without real knowledge. Did you really think taking my spell book would stop me. As you can see Mr. hunter I still have magic. If you would have listened to your elder hunters you would know a witch's spell book is only for the more complicated spells. I can easily change your gender and tie you up without it. Now the only reason you are still human is that I want my book back. Now be a good girl and tell me where you hid it and I may just keep you the way you are and let my son have a pet. Or you can be stubborn and in that case like I said I don't need it so you are no longer use to me human so I will just turn you into a toad I do need more toads for a potion. So what will it be tell me where my book is and remain my son's girl toy or refuse and spend the rest of your short life as a toad.

What the...

Brenden always thought women were only put on this earth to please men. The way he treated his female employees was horrible. They all had to wear tight cloths and look all sexy and he would fire them if they spoke up to any male worker for sexy cat calls. Brenden got away with this because he was so rich he could pay off any lawyer or judge. The women eventually got together and decided enough is enough and Brenden needed to see how being a women felt. One day while getting up to go count his money Brenden felt a weight on his chest and when he went to see what it was a big pair of boobs greeted him. Brie as she is now called has no money no id and has to please any guy who talks to her. Brie now wishes he could change the way he treated women but he loves his new body and wouldn't change that.

Good boy

There you go just relax. This will be over shortly you're not my first. It would be less uncomfortable if you just let my magic flow and stop resisting it's not like you can stop me from turning you into a girl. In order for me to stay young I need to drain the manhood from guys like you but the side effect is they become girls but once it's over they love it and I am sure you will love your pussy as much as you loved your cock here. Now be a good boy and let me finish.

May 01, 2017

No going back.

Nancy should have known better then to agree to swapping bodies with me. Nancy wanted to go out on the town without being checked out and whistled at and her ass slapped. I had offered her a few times to use the Swap INC and swap bodies for a while. Eventually she gave in and we signed our bodies away to each other. She made me promise to give her body back and I laughed and agreed but little did she know that I had no plans on giving her my sexy body back. Swap INC only would swap minds if both were willing to do it and I always wanted Nancy's hot bod and now I have it and I'm not giving it up. Once I had her body I flashed my boobs to her and told her that it was the last time she would see them.


James always wanted to date his friend Stacy but she wasn't into guys. She liked him as a friend and wished she was into him but she couldn't do it. That's when she found a place called Bikini Beach the lady at the counter told her that it was only a park for women but men would be allowed in but were turned into women. The change would last as long as the pass to the park was good for. And it happened to be buy one lifetime pass get one free. She knew it wasn't right to change James into a girl without his permission but she was afraid he would say no. Well she convinced James to come to the park and after a shower James became Jamie and the magic changed everything about her so it was as if James had always been Jamie. At first Jamie freaked out but as soon as Stacy kissed her she melted and knew it was right.

stay away

There you go Rick enjoy your new assets your going to have the for a long time so get used to them hun. I warned you not to go after my sister. I told you there would be consequences. I let it slide a few times when you begged me to take you back but three times is enough so now if you can't keep your little buddy away from my sister I will just take it away. Have fun being a chick Rick.

Best ever

Your girlfriend just shared a secret with you that she was a witch. You laugh and you saw how hurt she was so you tried to make her feel better and told her that if she was a witch to turn you into a girl. She smiled and told you she was hoping you were going to ask that. Suddenly the room starts to spin and when it stopped you noticed a weight on your chest. You look down to a nice set of boobs. You look at your girlfriend with jaw agape and she just started to lick her lips. One thing led to another and you wind up on your bed. Your girlfriend starts to lick you new pussy and your hands go on auto pilot to your chest. As soon as your hands touch your boobs you get the most pleasure you ever felt in your life. After it's all done you plead with your girlfriend to keep you a girl forever. She smiles and tells you that the spell not only changed him but the whole world. So it has been as if you were always born as a female.