August 14, 2017

Join us

Enjoy it while you can the lotion I am rubbing on not only keeps you from moving but it will rearrange your DNA and transform you into a women. Our society believes in a world where men serve us but we need more sisters what better way to limit the male populous then to change them into females. You will love your new sisters. So enjoy the last hand job your penis will ever get.

August 06, 2017


Ok lets see why my girlfriend loves it when I play with her boobs.... OH MY GOSH it's so intense and it drives me crazy but I love it. If it feels like this all the time I will always play with her boobs for her. I can't wait to test out our new bodies tonight. I better hope we have condoms or else hope we don't get pregnant because the spell will lock us if I get pregnant in Kimberley's body. With as much pleasure I am having it wouldn't be that bad but I am not all that ready to be a women let alone a pregnant one and soon to be mother. Now let's see how it feels when I touch myself down there.

TG flu

Stupid gender flu I can't believe I caught it. I made sure that I wasn't anywhere near any of my friends who contracted the virus. I even stayed away for a month after they had become girls. I was the last of my friends and I thought I was safe but that's when I feel ill. Here I am waking up from for the first time after I changed. The virus is very taxing taking a week to change you and the last 24 hours are very exhausting so much that the final changes no one has been awake for those. After the doctors examined me they concluded that this virus was being spread deliberately not just accidental. Turns out someone was going around slipping the viruses into peoples drinks. Turns out I was targeted and transformed into a girl intentionally as were my friends.

Fantasy football bet

Dang it. It's already august. My friend and I made a magical bet that the loser of our fantasy football league would be turned into a girl for as long as season is. Once the Super Bowl is over he would be changed back but once football season restarts they would be changed back into a girl. I lost last year so now that it is August I am stuck as a girl until I can win. I have never won in the 3 years we have been doing this. There is a way to stop this but it would mean me giving up and living my life as a girl forever. My female self has gotten very attracted to Brian but I can't let her win I need to win and take back my life. I swear Brain cheats just so he can have Samantha back.


This could all have been avoided sweetie if you hadn't laughed at me behind my back to your boyfriend. If you were a decent human being I would not have turned your boy here into my panties. You know what I'll give you a choice you could walk away and forget about your boyfriend or I could turn you into a dog right now I'll even turn your boyfriend into a dog as well and you two can go off and make lots of puppies or you can women up and try and take your boyfriend back. I'll give you 3 tries to take him back if you do I'll change him back and be on my way however if you fail I'm gonna turn you into the matching bra. So sweetie what will it be. Oh and if you scream I'll choose the 2nd option for you.


Ok Mandy what should I do first in your body. I'll teach you it isn't nice to tease people and turn all the girls I know into thinking I am a freak. I'll show everyone just how much of a freak YOU are. Now should I go streaking down the road yelling. Should I go have sex with the ugliest guy in town. Should I go and binge on every restaurant and plump out your body. Of course I am going to do all of that in due time but first I need to kiss my body in front of everyone you know. Of course I could just keep your body and live the perfect life you have. Wow this is tempting at first I wanted to punish you and trash your body then return it but the longer I am in your body the more and more I want to stay in it. I will try out your body with your boyfriend tonight and if I absolutely love it I'll keep your body. So have fun in my body it may be yours soon.

Brotherly love

Jake invented a time machine and he was able to go back in time and save his older brother from dying before Jake was born. With all the stories that his parents told him Mike sounded like an awesome person and Jake was going to do anything to bring him back. As soon as he saved his brother time rewrote itself and since Jake didn't have a reason to travel back in time never needed to invite the time machine. That's not the only thing that changed somehow since their first born son survived that car crash they didn't rush into having another child till later and so Jake was born a few years later then he was at first and not only that but he was born a she. Jacqueline is waking up for the first time since time traveling to find out what has changed. At first she was terrified that was until her big brother heard her crying and comforted her. Giving up her gender was the least she could do to have her brother.


I don't know how many times you hear "be careful what you wish for" but when it actually comes down to it you forget all about that. I found a magic lamp at a yard sale and turns out it actually was real. I got 3 wishes. I wished to be rich, good looking, and live on my own private island. I wished for all 3 in a row without letting the genie grant them so he granted all 3 at the same time. Turns out I married a rich person that owns their own island so those too were not too bad but for my wording good looking I should have went with handsome because the genie turned me into a women. I got my wishes and my husband is the most loving sweetest man I know I love my new home and I wouldn't change a thing but a part of me wishes I could have still been a man but I am smoking hot as a girl.

Magical punishments

This is the best $100 I spent. My boyfriend Matt was cheating on me with non other then my own sister. I was heartbroken so I went to the mall to buy a whole bunch of stuff on Matt's credit cards before I dumped his ass. That's when I noticed an old looking antique shop. When I walked in the nice old man who runs the store came up to me and gave me this doll and told me that it would allow me to get back at Matt. At first I was suspicious but if it didn't work at least it was Matt's money I wasted. Turns out it was a voodoo doll and it changed Matt into a chick and I allowed me to tease a very sensitive spot. Now that Matt is occupied it's my sisters turn. All I have to do is tie this cow bell over her neck and watch her turn into a fat cow.


Get a nice look at me Jack you see I wasn't always this hot girl. You see I used to be a nerdy guy by the name of Eugene. And I was tormented in high school by you. I figured just 4 years then you'll be out of my life but nooooo you just so happened to go to the same collage as me. I figured I suffered you for 4 years what's another. Finally I graduated and found a job but what does the universe have in store for me but I get my dream job in a company who so happens that your family owns and of course your daddy promotes you to oversee the work force. You have tormented me my entire life now it's time I pay you back. See my aunt is a witch and she told me a way to get even with you so she turned me into this girl to seduce you and  alone and vulnerable. See we are gonna swap bodies your going to become this sexy chick with no identity and I'm going to take over your body and your life and your money. At least you will be a sexy women just know if you somehow come back into my life I will have my aunt turn you into a bug and I will squish you myself. See you on the other side bitch.


I can not believe my sister of all people would trick me like this knowing full well I would be turned into a girl. You see there was this magical swimming pond that would turn any male who entered into a girl. My sister one day came to me and told me that she found a perfect place to have a party at. At first I was skeptical but when I saw how cool this place was I knew it would be perfect. She convinced me to test out the waters before planning the party. That's when it happened as soon as I touched the water I turned into Rachel. Turns out my sister was jealous of how much attention I get from my parents just because I was the son they always wanted. The only good thing is how much trouble Kelly is going to get into when we get home and dad sees what happened to his only son.


Grace and Brittney are sperm vampires and feed off manhood. One of the best and fastest ways of course is the classic blowjob sucking out every last drop out of him this of course leads the victim to transform into a women and the need to feed. Brittney just turned Grace and is showing her first hand the way to feed. Grace is both disgusted and strangely turned on. Of course Brad  here will be needed some training too when Brittney is done with her.

best friend

I knew Stacy was a bit crazy but turning her best friend into a condom just because she touched my arm in a flirty way. Lucky for Lucy I too know magic and was able to turn her back before Stacy's magic could become permanent. We are both lucky that our magic can't work on each other because who knows what we may have done to each other. Now It's only fair that I let Stacy finish or I could just turn her back into a condom.