August 14, 2017

Join us

Enjoy it while you can the lotion I am rubbing on not only keeps you from moving but it will rearrange your DNA and transform you into a women. Our society believes in a world where men serve us but we need more sisters what better way to limit the male populous then to change them into females. You will love your new sisters. So enjoy the last hand job your penis will ever get.

August 06, 2017


Ok lets see why my girlfriend loves it when I play with her boobs.... OH MY GOSH it's so intense and it drives me crazy but I love it. If it feels like this all the time I will always play with her boobs for her. I can't wait to test out our new bodies tonight. I better hope we have condoms or else hope we don't get pregnant because the spell will lock us if I get pregnant in Kimberley's body. With as much pleasure I am having it wouldn't be that bad but I am not all that ready to be a women let alone a pregnant one and soon to be mother. Now let's see how it feels when I touch myself down there.

TG flu

Stupid gender flu I can't believe I caught it. I made sure that I wasn't anywhere near any of my friends who contracted the virus. I even stayed away for a month after they had become girls. I was the last of my friends and I thought I was safe but that's when I feel ill. Here I am waking up from for the first time after I changed. The virus is very taxing taking a week to change you and the last 24 hours are very exhausting so much that the final changes no one has been awake for those. After the doctors examined me they concluded that this virus was being spread deliberately not just accidental. Turns out someone was going around slipping the viruses into peoples drinks. Turns out I was targeted and transformed into a girl intentionally as were my friends.

Fantasy football bet

Dang it. It's already august. My friend and I made a magical bet that the loser of our fantasy football league would be turned into a girl for as long as season is. Once the Super Bowl is over he would be changed back but once football season restarts they would be changed back into a girl. I lost last year so now that it is August I am stuck as a girl until I can win. I have never won in the 3 years we have been doing this. There is a way to stop this but it would mean me giving up and living my life as a girl forever. My female self has gotten very attracted to Brian but I can't let her win I need to win and take back my life. I swear Brain cheats just so he can have Samantha back.


This could all have been avoided sweetie if you hadn't laughed at me behind my back to your boyfriend. If you were a decent human being I would not have turned your boy here into my panties. You know what I'll give you a choice you could walk away and forget about your boyfriend or I could turn you into a dog right now I'll even turn your boyfriend into a dog as well and you two can go off and make lots of puppies or you can women up and try and take your boyfriend back. I'll give you 3 tries to take him back if you do I'll change him back and be on my way however if you fail I'm gonna turn you into the matching bra. So sweetie what will it be. Oh and if you scream I'll choose the 2nd option for you.


Ok Mandy what should I do first in your body. I'll teach you it isn't nice to tease people and turn all the girls I know into thinking I am a freak. I'll show everyone just how much of a freak YOU are. Now should I go streaking down the road yelling. Should I go have sex with the ugliest guy in town. Should I go and binge on every restaurant and plump out your body. Of course I am going to do all of that in due time but first I need to kiss my body in front of everyone you know. Of course I could just keep your body and live the perfect life you have. Wow this is tempting at first I wanted to punish you and trash your body then return it but the longer I am in your body the more and more I want to stay in it. I will try out your body with your boyfriend tonight and if I absolutely love it I'll keep your body. So have fun in my body it may be yours soon.

Brotherly love

Jake invented a time machine and he was able to go back in time and save his older brother from dying before Jake was born. With all the stories that his parents told him Mike sounded like an awesome person and Jake was going to do anything to bring him back. As soon as he saved his brother time rewrote itself and since Jake didn't have a reason to travel back in time never needed to invite the time machine. That's not the only thing that changed somehow since their first born son survived that car crash they didn't rush into having another child till later and so Jake was born a few years later then he was at first and not only that but he was born a she. Jacqueline is waking up for the first time since time traveling to find out what has changed. At first she was terrified that was until her big brother heard her crying and comforted her. Giving up her gender was the least she could do to have her brother.


I don't know how many times you hear "be careful what you wish for" but when it actually comes down to it you forget all about that. I found a magic lamp at a yard sale and turns out it actually was real. I got 3 wishes. I wished to be rich, good looking, and live on my own private island. I wished for all 3 in a row without letting the genie grant them so he granted all 3 at the same time. Turns out I married a rich person that owns their own island so those too were not too bad but for my wording good looking I should have went with handsome because the genie turned me into a women. I got my wishes and my husband is the most loving sweetest man I know I love my new home and I wouldn't change a thing but a part of me wishes I could have still been a man but I am smoking hot as a girl.

Magical punishments

This is the best $100 I spent. My boyfriend Matt was cheating on me with non other then my own sister. I was heartbroken so I went to the mall to buy a whole bunch of stuff on Matt's credit cards before I dumped his ass. That's when I noticed an old looking antique shop. When I walked in the nice old man who runs the store came up to me and gave me this doll and told me that it would allow me to get back at Matt. At first I was suspicious but if it didn't work at least it was Matt's money I wasted. Turns out it was a voodoo doll and it changed Matt into a chick and I allowed me to tease a very sensitive spot. Now that Matt is occupied it's my sisters turn. All I have to do is tie this cow bell over her neck and watch her turn into a fat cow.


Get a nice look at me Jack you see I wasn't always this hot girl. You see I used to be a nerdy guy by the name of Eugene. And I was tormented in high school by you. I figured just 4 years then you'll be out of my life but nooooo you just so happened to go to the same collage as me. I figured I suffered you for 4 years what's another. Finally I graduated and found a job but what does the universe have in store for me but I get my dream job in a company who so happens that your family owns and of course your daddy promotes you to oversee the work force. You have tormented me my entire life now it's time I pay you back. See my aunt is a witch and she told me a way to get even with you so she turned me into this girl to seduce you and  alone and vulnerable. See we are gonna swap bodies your going to become this sexy chick with no identity and I'm going to take over your body and your life and your money. At least you will be a sexy women just know if you somehow come back into my life I will have my aunt turn you into a bug and I will squish you myself. See you on the other side bitch.


I can not believe my sister of all people would trick me like this knowing full well I would be turned into a girl. You see there was this magical swimming pond that would turn any male who entered into a girl. My sister one day came to me and told me that she found a perfect place to have a party at. At first I was skeptical but when I saw how cool this place was I knew it would be perfect. She convinced me to test out the waters before planning the party. That's when it happened as soon as I touched the water I turned into Rachel. Turns out my sister was jealous of how much attention I get from my parents just because I was the son they always wanted. The only good thing is how much trouble Kelly is going to get into when we get home and dad sees what happened to his only son.


Grace and Brittney are sperm vampires and feed off manhood. One of the best and fastest ways of course is the classic blowjob sucking out every last drop out of him this of course leads the victim to transform into a women and the need to feed. Brittney just turned Grace and is showing her first hand the way to feed. Grace is both disgusted and strangely turned on. Of course Brad  here will be needed some training too when Brittney is done with her.

best friend

I knew Stacy was a bit crazy but turning her best friend into a condom just because she touched my arm in a flirty way. Lucky for Lucy I too know magic and was able to turn her back before Stacy's magic could become permanent. We are both lucky that our magic can't work on each other because who knows what we may have done to each other. Now It's only fair that I let Stacy finish or I could just turn her back into a condom.

July 06, 2017

Woken up

Oh my gosh what the hell! Where is my dick? Why am I a chick.? What did you do to me?

Relax this isn't a permeant thing your dick will come back when the sun comes up. Welcome to womanhood. Every night during the full moon you will turn into a girl until the sun comes up. Let me tell you, you make one hell of a girl just look at those boobs. You see I am a werewomen just like you and after we had sex my curse spread to you turning you into a werewomen.

So once the sun comes up I'll be a man again if that's the case it's not so bad I mean I get to play with this body and go back to being a guy later. Wow this actually is gonna be fun. I always wondered what it would be like to be a chick but I never wanted to be one. So... you want to go again with this body show me the ways women get off?

What a steal

Oh yes I knew this chick was worth the trouble of following her until she was alone. Her body is one nice steal her boobs are perfect. Also who is she trying to attract with the bottom of her boobs popping out. I mean don't get me wrong it's what caught my attention but doesn't she know that most nice guys get scared off when a women is confidant enough to show this much body. I can't wait to test her out with a guy... Oh sorry hun I forgot about you. See the magic I used swaps our bodies but as a way for you not to go blabbing it turns my old body with your soul in it into a mouse. So sorry hun but you better scurry off before your cat there decides he wants a snack

Magical Member part 3

Ok the first few times with my magical member were complete accidents where the man accidently looks at it and turns. Well this time it was on purpose. See my girlfriend Kelly had some friends over for a gaming party and there was one guy who came over that totally annoyed me. He acted all high and mighty loving to rub it in when he killed us in the games. I had enough of him so I wanted to take him down a peg or two so out come my cock and poof Mr. high and mighty is now a Miss high and tight. I waved my cock around and she couldn't help but follow. Of course I wouldn't cheat on Kelly so I put him away and the girl actually started to cry. I am starting to love my curse.

Magic member part 2

See this thing is really a curse. I knew having a male roommate was going to be a bad thing but my friend really needed a place to stay. He was taking a shower and I really needed to pee so I warned him not to come out. He must of had water in his ears because he turned around and poof he is now a she. All she could do was stare at it and say wow. Once again my magic member grew in anticipation of it's newest victim. Once the initial effects of the curse wore off Kevin or Kelly now started to freak out but she loved my cock and we actually remained friends.

Magic member part 1

I have the strangest curse ever. It's been passed on to every male in my family. And I would not have been born if my mother didn't fall victim to my dads curse. See anytime a male looks at my cock he is instantly turned into a girl. No one in our family knows why this happens but it does. In fact the girl here used to be a guy that was until my towel slipped off me and he spotted my dick. Seeing a guy turn into a cock loving girl never fails to make me rise to the occasion. I do feel sorry for this guy but hey I'm not going to deny her the thing she wants most right now.

Too late

I can't believe that I did that to my best friend. I was tired of being alone and when I found that spell to turn him into a chick I just had to do it. He always bragged about how many women he had one night stands with so I am doing the women of the world a favor by turning him into a women. The thing is the spell would turn him into a girl for 24 hours in body and mind. If within that 24 hours she were to swallow cum she would be stuck as a girl forever but her male mind would come back. So when Amber sucked my cock I made sure she swallowed. Aaron may never forgive me for turning him into a chick but it's too late now and I really enjoyed the time we spent together.

One more time

Crap come on cum faster the sun is up and about to change back into being an ugly guy again. I just need one last good time then I'll go back to being Chuck for the day. Please body give me one last ride.


Aww she looks so peaceful sleeping there in my old body. I wish I could stay and see her freak out when she wakes up but this girl has stuff to do and boobs to feel up. And there is no way that bitch is getting her body back bye-bye hun.

June 09, 2017

Just for kicks part 2

Well I've tired every spell in that book and nothing. One of the spells turned Toby into a cat and we all agreed she was better off a cat. There was not denning it we were stuck as girls for life. I can't help but play with my own boobs they are awesome. Maybe I can get used to this. Everyone seems to be fine with what happened and at least Toby the cat isn't going around humping everything that moves like when she first became a girl. We all agreed never to speak of what happened on that day and went our separate ways. I just hope to find a guy who can play with my boobs soon I need something to help me feel like a real women.

Just for kicks part 1

It was all supposed to be a joke. When we used that spell we found in an old book it wasn't actually supposed to work definitely not turn us into girls. Toby here just loves playing with her boobs and can't wait to find a guy to fill her up. I just have to find a spell to change me back before I enjoy my boobs too much. I just hope Toby doesn't do anything she will regret later.

be a good girl

Now Lacy we warned you not to sneak out many times this has got to stop. I'm sorry that we have to do this but you need to learn to respect us so I have no choice but to turn you into a dog for a year. Trust me when I say that this changed my life when my mother did this to me and her mother to her. I never wanted you to go through this because my sister also was changed and she still escaped and well she got knocked up and my mother was not able to turn her back. So Macy your grandmother's dog is actually your aunt. Now please be a good girl and stay in the yard.

Wedding crasher

Come on Bart don't chicken out on me now. It's not my fault that my fiancée's bestfriend hates me and cursed me to turn into a girl on my wedding day. Please Bart all we need to do is have sex that will turn me back into a guy so I can get married. Of course this will turn you into a girl forever but please I need your help. Please there will be a spot open for a brides maid seeing as Lacy is not going to be at our wedding. I'll even hook you up with my brother now please we only have a few moments before someone realizes the groom isn't here.

Shake Shake Shake

Gender changing became an easy in and out procedure. If you wanted to change your gender just sign a few papers take a few counseling classes to make sure it was something you really wanted. Then schedule your appointment. Howard here always thought he was meant to be a girl so he went through with the changes and now she loves it and she can't stop shaking her puppies.


Matt understood what he was doing when he bought a week pass to bikini beach. The park was pretty good at keeping its secrets secret but Matt knew a girl who worked there and she told him all about the magical showers. Matt's friend Shawn told a lie to his mother that he had a girlfriend. Shawn's mom didn't believe him and wanted to come visit for the week. Matt wanted to help his friend Shawn out and bought a pass for the week and became Shawn's girlfriend Melissa. Shawn's mom grew to like Melissa telling him how she feared Shawn may actually be gay. When it came time for Shawn's mom to leave she got into a bad accident and was bed ridden. She moved into Shawn's place. At first Shawn was going to break up with Melissa so Matt could go back to his life but Melissa bit her lip and told Shawn that she would buy a lifetime pass and become Melissa forever. Melissa soon found after buying the lifetime pass everything changed it was as if Matt never existed. Turns out that Shawn's mom met Melissa before and didn't have to come visit that one week and she never got into that accident. Shawn soon purposed to Melissa and she never thought again about her life as Matt.

Senior skip day Part 2

Patrick and his girlfriend Zoey had been together since elementary school. They didn't start dating each other until high school. Patrick found it kind of strange that his memories of Zoey were a bit fuzzy until the ones about senior year. After the senior skip day where all buy Zoey chickened out about going to the Bikini Beach female water park Zoey seemed to not be herself. But Pat didn't mid really they did all stand her up. After they graduated he noticed Zoey going back to herself. That's when Zoey gave Pat the best blowjob of his life. Zoey then gave Pat a lifetime pass to Bikini Beach telling him that it would be a perfect thing to do as a couple. At first he was skeptical seeing as it was known to be a topless park and the only boobs he needed were Zoey's but he guessed it would be a fun thing to do together. Pat didn't realize something was up until after the shower. That's when the magic not only changed him into Patricia but erased the memories of his girlfriend Zoey just to realize she used to be his best friend Zack. who they stood up on senior skip day. Patty really didn't want to go out and see Zoey knowing that Zoey had tricked her into coming and turning into a girl. She braved the world wand went to find Zoey. Turns out Zoey wasn't mad she actually just wanted someone to remember her being a guy. Zoey and Patty were BFFs since elementary school and they still were. Patty loves getting the perfect tan where as her bestie Zoey actually misses having a boyfriend. Patty decided that as a thank you to Zoey she would hook her up with her brother that way if the two ever got married Zoey would become her sister.

Senior skip day part 1

Bikini Beach used to have a no topless bathing rule but the younger crowds wanted to get that perfect tan so they did away with the rule seeing as it was a female only water park and no guy was going to see all the topless women. Zack was one of the guys not to know what a female only park does to men who buy passes. Zack and some of his friends thought it would be fun for senior skip day to buy passes to the park and watch all the ladies sunbath topless. They all gave Zack the money and was supposed to buy the passes for them. Zack was the last one of his friends to turn 18 and was the guy they made do all the stupid stuff. The day that they were all supposed to meet up all but Zack chickened out. Zack having all the money and wanting to look cool in front of his chicken friends decided to buy a LIFETIME pass for himself. Zack soon found out that the mandatory shower turns any male visitor into a female and would remain female till their pass expires. So if Zoey had bought a day pass like she planned she would have swam around a girl and went to school the next day a guy. Her stomach felt sick as she realized she was now a chick for LIFE. The owner apologized an told Zoey that the magic that turned her into a girl also changed the world so it was as if Zack had always been born a girl. Zoey started remembering things for her life including the night of her 18th birthday where her and her "boyfriend" Pat did it for the first time. At first Zoey hated being a girl but she grew to love it. After high school Zoey wanted to thank her boyfriend so she gave him the best blowjob ever right before she showed him the lifetime pass to Bikini Beach she bought just for him.

Not sure

I can't believe that you got me to wear this into public sis. When I lost my luggage for our trip I didn't mind you changing me into a girl and lending me some of yours. Being a girl on our vacation is kind of fun. Now you convinced me to wear this outfit and try and help you pick up boys. It feels like I'm wearing nothing at all. And since you didn't let me put on panties it really feels like I have nothing on. I know this was supposed to be a trip for us to bond but bonding with my stepsister over boys is not what I imagined. I don't want to hook up with a boy I do have a girlfriend back home. I don't want to cheat on her. I guess being a girl and hooking up with a guy doesn't count as cheating but come on look at me I am hot I am afraid that if I like it anymore then I do now I may just stay as Samantha forever. I am sure Cassy won't like her boyfriend coming home a girlfriend.

Little did Sam know that Cassy was the one who asked Sam's sister to turn him into a girl. Cassy actually wants Sam to come home as Samantha.

One time use

Come on Rick don't cover up your girls like that. I went to the trouble to find the gender switching spell to swap our genders so we can have more exciting sex the least you can do is let me see your boobs. When I turned into a guy I let the boys fly free.... Oh wow a male brain is definitely wired for sex. Come on let me see those tits babe.

Rebecca did you look at the spell really closely or did you just want a dick of your own so badly you jumped at the first spell you could find. The spell clearly states one way gender swap. Once we change genders we are stuck forever. So that cock you so love to stroke actually will be yours permanently so hun get used to that male brain of yours your gonna have it for a long time. I told you swapping genders was a bad idea now I have to have periods and fear that YOU may get me pregnant. At least I do have a nice rack.

June 01, 2017

Birthday massage

Someone should have told him that the magical massage was actually magical. Martin's girlfriend thought it would be a perfect birthday present for him to get a magic massage she just didn't realize that she had accidently checked female on the ticket. So now Martin is getting the best massage of his life and not realizing at what that cost him. When Amber realized what she had done to her boyfriend she tired to get them to change her back but the magic only worked one way. Amber then decided to get a massage for herself and her heart started beating faster when she checked male on the form.

Oops Sorry

I'm sorry hun I meant to tell you about our family curse before you went to bed last night. Our family was cursed a long time ago and now when the males of our family turn 18 they swap genders. I was preparing for this a while back and meant to tell you but you got in so late last night it slipped my mind. You're now a girl for the rest of your life. I've already stocked your closet and dresser with female cloths and your best friend Ken is coming over so you better get dressed and show him the new you. Trust me Nicki you'll eventually love being a girl just like I did when it happened to me.

Sorry bestie

I warned you not to go messing with my best friend but you had to anyway. Now just look at what you made me do to Tina she was so in love with your cock I had to make her a part of it. Just look how much bigger she makes you. Now sit there while I give my friend one hell of a last goodbye before I decide what to do with you.


There you go Brad embrace your new female urges. Take in what it is to be a women. That silly cock of yours is gone forever never to tease a women again. Now you will understand what it feels like to sleep with someone just to have them leave the next morning wondering if they will ever come back. Brenda your gonna love the guy I've set you up with tonight he will rock your little world.


Oh my gosh don't they know I was trying to sleep. If they find out I'm awake the may convince me to join in. I've only been a chick for a week now because of the stupid gender understanding law. I'm not ready for sex let alone a 3 way. I can't help but get turned on by the sounds please get it over with now before I moan and give away that I'm interested. FUCK IT here I come 3 way I need it.


Relax this isn't my first time with a girl. You look so much better as Steph then you ever did as Steven. My magic can change you into a girl but I don't have the power to change your mind so inside your cute head is the brain of a guy so you should still be turned on by me. Now Steph if you truly want to stay a girl we can be together but if you want to return to that ugly male body then I'm sorry but this will be over. So what will it be sexy slender Steph or ugly chubby Steven.

Chatroom change

Ken found a chatroom for people to chat and hopefully hook up. For some reason Ken found it fun and exciting to pretend he was a girl looking for some fun. When people asked for her pics he would send some of a girl he found on a search site. Ken was talking to a guy one night and the guy told him that there was no way Ken was  a real girl but he could change that. Ken at first played a long acting like the girl he pretended to be not noticing the changes that were going on. The guy then turned on his web cam and showed Kendra his big cock and started stroking it. Kendra bit her lip and imagined actually holding it. She started to finger herself. Kendra now goes on the sight showing off her boobs on cam and having some real fun not even remembering she ever was a guy named Ken.


Sorry but the curse that turned me into a girl has a side effect that I can't help but try and spread the curse. Now any guy who eats this melon will grow a nice set of melons on his chest.

May 22, 2017

Personal Secretary

Josh couldn't believe how good this felt. Hands grasping his new boobs his nipples rubbing up against the fabric of his shirt. Just a moment ago his boss called him into his office. Josh was going to get fired and pleaded with his boss to let him keep his job. That's when he offered him a job as his personal secretary all he had to do was touch the magical pendant and turn himself into a women. Josh couldn't afford to lose his job so changing genders was the least of his worries so he agreed. Little did Josh know what his boss's secretary actually did. Well now she knows and she actually doesn't mind that much as long as she gets to suck his cock soon.

Sweet revenge

Come on Brad seriously we need to find the spell to reverse this before its too late. Being a chick was fun for a while but now its time to get our real bodies back.

Don't be a buzz kill Chad let us enjoy it one more time these bodies can do it multiple times without needing to rest.

What Chad really was doing was stalling for time. Chad cast spells on him and Brad to change them into girls to see what it was like. Chad cast a timed spells the one on him would expire turning him back to male self after 4 hours but the one he cast on Brad would last 4 hours too but when time expired he would be locked in the body of a girl. Chad just had to stall and keep Brad occupied long enough and he would be stuck as a chick. That's when he gets for stealing Chad's girlfriend in high school.


Oh my gosh this is so awesome. At first swapping bodies with my girlfriend was a bit strange but once we got into it, it was the best sex of my life. Usually after sex I get tired and take a nap but Zoe's body feels electrified and ready for more. Even after sex her body keeps the high going for a long time. Oh crap where is the reversal ring we need both in order to swap back. Man talk about a buzz kill. I mean I love sex as a girl but I don't want to be one forever. If I don't find that ring Zoe may think I did this on purpose to steal her body. If I know my old body I have an hour before she wakes up from her after sex nap.


A friend of John's gave him a coin and told him it was magical and that it would grant him any one wish. John was lonely except for his cat Amber and he wondered what she would look like as a human so he held the coin and wished for his cat to be human. He watched as his cat started to grow in size and loose her fur. Soon there was a very attractive women where his cat used to be. The women stared to purr and walked over to John. She grabbed his hands. John was too mesmerized by his former cat he didn't realize she snatched the coin. He snapped back to reality when she wished that John was a cat. His heart sank as he started to shrink. Amber moved the pile of cloths on the floor revealing the new John. She told him that he was not her type but she did have a few cat friends who he would be perfect for.

May 11, 2017


Here you go Tina here is your hunk of a boyfriend back. See after hearing you brag about how manly your man was and how big and sexy he was over and over I got tired of it. So I decided to change him and punish you at the same time. See I have a magical pink potion that can change any male into a female. I bet you didn't know that about me. Yeah remember that old boyfriend you had before this hunk that was me. You dumped me for him that's when I decided I needed a fresh start and took the pink potion myself. I was fine being your friend and hanging out but just hearing you brag on about him just made me mad. Oh and all I had to do was promise him I would show him my boobs and he came running over. So be happy I turned him into a chick he wasn't much of a man. Oh and she loves it when you nibble on her ear lobe.


Ah Amy scream all you like no one can hear you your just a voice in my head. I have done this for years and have mastered body snatching. I could be you for years without tiring out so don't waste your energy. See I snatch bodies and sell them to the highest bidder. Someone paid me a hole lot for me to take your body someone by the name of Ken. He used to be a boyfriend of yours till you dumped him at a family get together. See he always wanted you to walk around the house naked so here you are fulfilling his dreams. Oh and he wants you to be barefoot and pregnant so we are going to do just that tonight. Soon you will be pregnant and his girl. Well that is as soon as he gets you knocked up I will snatch his body and move his soul to this body trapping him in the body he wanted with you forever or whoever gets in control so have fun being pregnant and trapped with your ex.

Boob man

There you go Steve how does that feel. I know its cold can you feel your skin tighten I can tell because your stiffening up. I told you I'm a witch and now that your a pair of boobs now you know. You get pleasure when something touches you like my bra rubbing on your nipples. Oh one more thing this water wasn't just for me to show you how good you'll feel its also to seal my magic. Yep there is no going back for you your now my boobs forever. That's what you get for looking at Megan's boobs the other day. Oh and as for Megan she gets to hold you up for a while. I changed her into a bra shortly after she flashed her boobs at you. Hope you too make a good couple its gonna be a long ride for you both.


Some friends I have. We all went to a party where there was real magic. One such magic was one drink of beer got you drunk but only lasted an hour with no hangovers so if you drank one beer an hour you would keep your buzz. There was many things like that one of which was popular for a few was the magic pool that would change your gender but be careful because it only be used by you once so you can't use it to change back. Well I didn't fell like drinking that night and my friends were calling me a party pooper. Then someone dumped a bucket of beer on me. Afraid the beer would soak into my skin and get me drunk I took off my cloths. Well that's when my friends got the brilliant idea of wrapping me up in a blanket and throwing me into the pool. As you can see by the time I hit the bottom I was a chick. I hope those bastards know that I am not going to give them a blowjob tonight. Well ok maybe one while the others watch.

Curse broken

 Finally I was able to break the witch's curse without having a princess kiss me. And seeing as I was in a swamp in the United States its unlikely that a princess would come along. The only thing it looks like was I am now a women. I don't care anymore at least I am human and besides with a body like this I'm sure I can get free stuff easily. Now who do I need to suck to get a hamburger.


Don't worry Matt you'll love being a girl. Your mother paid us well for this little transformation. And she will allow your male mind to maintain control unless you start to act unwomanly then we get to come back and make you think and behave like the women you are. Have fun Meg I'm sure you'll have fun.

May 04, 2017


NO NO NO this can't be happening. Why in the world would you dump a bucket of cold water on me don't you know that body suits permanently attach when you get splashed with cold water. Fuck off you did know you just wanted me to stay as Sheela didn't you. What did you expect that I would just say oh thank you for giving me this body now I'll suck your cock... Oh no why does that thought turn me on. No please I didn't know that my mind would change too. Oh my gosh this feels so good...

Hey there babe sorry I'm a little soaked at the moment but if you want we can go dry off and I can give you that lower massage I promised you. Thanks again for allowing me to stay here I seemed to have lost all my id and money. I hope I can pay you back for all the kindness now pull out that cock mommas hungry.