September 15, 2018

Witch beach

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Mark knew that he nude beach that just appeared near him was too good to be true. What he didn't know was that the beach was a popular spot for a coven of witches. They don't take too kindly to men who lustily gaze at the naked women. They figure that if the man loves looking at nude women so much then they will give him one of his own. Mark was one such guy. He couldn't keep his eyes off the woman and decided to cool off in the water, but when he emerged he was greeted by long hair and a strange weight on his chest.

Newest victim

Ken strutted his way into the bathroom after having an awesome time with his latest victim. Ken here is a werewoman. And in a matter of moments so would the guy he just had sex with. Ken didn't like watching the change so he took the time to freshen up in the bathroom. When Ken comes out there will be a very confused woman sitting where the guy used to be.

Night Mare

Heather was an avid horse rider and she loved her horse Shelia. One day Heather went out to brush Shelia’s mane. When Heather touched Shelia, she got a shock and quickly pulled her hand away. Heather’s eyes went wide as she saw Shelia start to change and shrink. She watched as her beloved brown mare changed turning into a human.

“Thank you so much for that.” Shelia said stretching. “I am sorry for what I’m about to do, but I promise to take good care of you like you did me.” Before Heather could react, Sheila touched Heather’s forehead and gave her another shock.

Heather felt her body tighten. She watched as her body started to grow. Her skin started to turn white. Heather heard ripping sounds as her body outgrew her clothes and shredded them. Heather’s hands went to her face as she felt it push out. She watched in horror as her hands fused into a hoof. Unable to balance on her hind legs Heather fell forward.

“You do make one good looking mare.” Shelia said. “Now be a good horse and I won’t have to sell you to a breeding farm.”

Evil Witch

     Esmerelda closed in on her latest victim. She was trapped in the barn. Esmerelda needed the soul of a young woman to stay young for another year. Esmerelda approached her pray and smiled. She loved the chase, so she always tries to give her victims a chance to run. This girl chose a bad spot. She tired to scream but the chase was over so Esmerelda just waved her hand and the girl just smiled and awaited her change.  Esmerelda started to think. The barn and the girl’s huge boobs gave her the perfect idea. She cast the spell and watched as the girl started to gain weight and her skin turn white with black spots. Soon all that remained of the girl was a cow. Esmerelda basked in the magic as it flowed into her. Now she was young again and she gets free milk.

Part of him

  Amy had the best boyfriend she could imagine, or so she thought. Little did she know, but Brian went through many girlfriends. Brian hooks up with a new woman and after he is done with her he absorbs their essence. Amy loved Brian’s huge cock not knowing that it held the essences of Brian’s former girlfriends. Today was the day Brian grew tired of Amy. Suddenly Amy froze and was unable to move.

“Well it’s time.” Brian said touching his dick to Amy’s open mouth. He chanted his usual words and watched as Amy was pulled into his cock. Brian pulled out his measuring tape and measured his new member. “Only an inch. Oh well onto the next chick.” Brian didn’t know why he did this his cock was huge already but he guessed it was because of the rush he gets when it happens.

September 11, 2018

Newest eBook

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Todd and Zoey are fraternal twins and used to do every thing together, until they went to middle school and Zoey started to become popular.

During Spring Break Todd and Zoey have a huge fight and their Grandma places a curse on them causing Zoey and Todd to swap bodies.

Todd wakes up in his sisters body. They both agree to continue the others natural activities until they can find a way to swap back. Of course everything goes crazy, and Todd stumbles on Zoey's big secret.

Will Todd and Zoey find a way to break the curse or is Todd destined to be his sister for the rest of his life.

September 02, 2018

New Woman

Matt couldn't believe this was real. Matt was now a woman. After feeling like he never fit right in his old body, Matt searched for a way to change his gender. There were many surgical things he could do but felt like that was not good enough. Matt wanted to be a complete woman and hopefully one day a mother. So when Matt heard about a haunted hotel room that changed men, who stayed in the room into women. Matt expected this to fail like every other attempt but when he awoke in the middle of the night she realized the legends were true. All her cloths changed to fit her new body as well as her id. Megan soon realized that the whole world changed with her. Megan was so happy that she was finally in the body she was meant to be in. She couldn't wait to show the world the new her.

GEP generosity

Victor undid his bra and breathed as his boobs were free. How could woman stand to wear these things Vic thought. The bra was a very uncomfortable boob trap. He laughed as he realized that the GEP was teaching him a few things about being a woman. Victoria couldn't wait for her year to be up so she can go back to being a guy. Sure being a woman was fun at first with all the free drinks and free items but soon she realized that most men expected something in return for their generosity.

Gender App right thing

Nichole couldn't believe what she had just done. Nicki had dated Brian for a year but soon knew something was off. She loved Brian but she didn't feel attracted to him. Nicki was attracted to other girls. So when she found the Gender App she knew she had to use it on Brian. She dreaded it at first but knew she and Brian were meant for each other just Brian was the wrong gender that Nicki was about to fix. Nicki slipped the app into Brian's phone and she watched as Brian seemed to melt away into a very attractive woman. Bri just looked up at her girlfriend and smiled. At first Nicki freaked out regretting doing what she did but when Bri started to kiss her she melted and knew it was the right thing to do.

Beach trip

This was Tim's first time going out to the beach after being turned into a woman. Tim's mother had always wanted a daughter so when she wished on a shooting star Tim turned into Trisha. Trish didn't actually mind she grew to love being a girl. Trish went out to the beach with her best friend when she was told that she had her bikini top on backwards. Trish, not used to having boobs, just took it off and flashed the whole beach. Trish and her friend just laughed it off. Trish was loving her new life.

Great Shift exploration

Kevin was a bit nervous at first. Here he was in the body of his hot neighbor and he was about to see her naked for the first time. Kevin had dreamt of this day for a long time. Well not in her body but seeing her naked. Kevin soon found out that the Great Shift as they are calling it was permanent and that Kevin was going to be a woman for the rest of her life. Kevin just smiled at that


I should have known that my ex-girlfriend wasn't calling me over to go swimming in her pool naked for a good reason. My ex didn't like how I hit on her sister while I was dating her. We didn't part on good terms. So when she offered to get back together I should have known something was up. As soon as I surfaced I knew something was wrong. Sure enough when I looked down my body had changed. My ex threw a bikini into the pool and just laughed as she saw me attempt to put it on.

Lesson in womanhood

Matt and Nathan's mother was tired of the way her sons talked about girls. All the girls in their College were just play things for them. Matt and Nathan's mom had enough she needed to show her sons just how being a woman felt like. Matt and Nathan soon were in the shock of their lives when they looked into the mirror.

September 01, 2018

GEP winner

Gary was a pro gamer and streamed online as a job. Gary was good at it and had many followers. Well the time came for Gary to undergo the governments GEP and turn into a woman for a year. Gina was afraid at first that her followers would not like a female gamer playing first person shooter games but they loved her so much and she received more and more followers. All her followers begged Gina to sign the waver and remain a girl forever. Gina told her followers that if she won the next game then she would and as the dust cleared in the game the big bold letters WINNER flashed across her screen. Gina smiled knowing what she was going to do.

Don't touch

I know my girlfriend told me not to touch her body until she found a way to swap us back but I felt all dirty, I needed to take a shower. I am sure she will understand. Touching Sam's body like this is a complete rush. It feels so good. I can't wait for Sam to get home so she can touch her body for me.

Nice pair

I warned you not to go flirting with that woman. One thing led to another thing and you let her talk you into sleeping with her. Now she is nothing more then my panties. Now it is time for your punishment. You were always in love with my legs how about I let you get closer to them. Wow you make one cute pair of socks, you really bring out my long legs. You make for a better pair of socks then you did a man. Enjoy your new life.

August 09, 2018

Sneaking into Bikini Beach

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Everyone knew of the Bikini Beach water park and how the showers would change you into a girl for the duration of your pass. Jack found a way to sneak into the park and avoid the showers. He snuck in and dove into the pool. When he surfaced he felt a strange weight on his chest. and his hair clinging to his shoulders. Turns out the magical water in the showers is used in the pools too. The old lady running the park walked up and handed Jacki a bikini top and told her there was no topless swimming in her park. Since Jacki didn't have a pass her change was permanent. Jacki was stuck like this forever. The old lady was nice enough and allowed Jacki to work at the park.

Life changing raffle

Victor won a raffle at work and won a free massage at a place he has never heard of. Victor was going to give it away, but all the girls at his work insisted on him going. Victor decided since it was free what could hurt. Victor was greeted by a man who told him that the massage was going to change his life. Turns out the women at his work rigged the raffle so that Victor would win. They were tired of the way he looked at them and talked to them. The massage Victor won would turn him into Victoria permanently. Victor was so relaxed and into the massage that he didn't even feel his body changing. As soon as his last body part was reshaped and Victor could feel a weight on his chest he knew something was off. That was when Victoria felt her boobs being played with and her eyes instantly shot open. It was too late her life was changed forever.

GEP Welcoming

Gary was one of the men who when they were forced into the GEP went right into signing the waver right away. Gary had always felt that he was a female in a males body so when he got the chance to fix that for free he jumped at it. The GEP changed him into Gina and she never looked back. Here she is shortly after the change striping for her boyfriend. She was excited to finally get to test out her new equipment. She was just a bit saddened that tomorrow Tom would be going through his GEP appointment. Gina figured she would show her the ropes, but for now she was going to get laid.

Being a dick

Zack was so into his girlfriends blow job to even care what was happening. See Allison was done with Zack. She was tired of the way he treated her and hit on other girls while he was with her. Allison decided to take away the thing Zack cherished most, his dick. She decided to give him one last blowjob before leaving Zack to life as a woman. Zack didn't even notice his chest flair up and puff out or his penis start to shrink. When Allison's tongue went from circling his dick to entering him it snapped him out of his trance but it was too late Zack was now a girl. All she could do was stare down at herself.


Frank did his morning routine like usual. It has been three months since he was changed into a woman. Frank had given up any hope of finding that witch who changed him. All Frank did was accidently bump into the woman and since he was in such a hurry he didn't say sorry. That night he awoke to a changed world where he was born a girl. At least the witch was nice enough to have everyone think he was a girl rather then change him and let him suffer. Frank tried as best he could to find the woman so she could change him back, but he has given up hope and actually doesn't mind being a woman. Frank has a hot date with a hot guy tonight that she wouldn't change for the world.

Turn down revenge

"Do you miss your boobs?" Brendon asked looking down at the washcloth that used to be Amber. Brendon one day finally got the nerve up to ask Amber out and she not only turned him down but humiliated him. "If you had just said sorry no, none of this would have happened." Brendon made his boobs sway and spray water onto Amber. She wanted to scream out but couldn't move she was helpless and was forced to watch Brendon play with her body. "At least I am generous enough to let you stay and see your body from time to time. How about we go for a ride. Ready to touch your boobs again?"

More fun

Liam and his girlfriend were taking a nice hot shower when she asked him if he wanted to have some fun. They both start to rub each other and mess around. Liam was unaware of the changes happening to his body that was until His hand went over his new assets and realized Kelly was rubbing his new vagina and not stroking his cock. He was shocked at first but kept going with it because it felt so good. Kelly was tired of Liam as a guy and wanted to see if they could have more fun.

August 04, 2018


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Don't you look cute. I warned you not to cross me Allison. You tried to intimidate me to leave you and Brian alone. I tired to tell you that Brian preferred me. You were such a dick to me that I figured you should look the part. Don't worry your pretty head Allison it will soon be all over. Cry all you want I am the only one who can hear you for now. As soon as Brian cums Allison will cease to exist and you will be Brian's cock permanently. Enjoy your last free thoughts soon you will only know pleasure. Bye bye.


My friend bought us passes to the new bikini beach and I went a long with the idea. I regretted it the moment I was turned into a woman. When the owner told us that this was a female only water park I knew something was up. She then told us that we would be girls for as long as our passes were for. My hands went up to my mouth as I realized that Sam bought us lifetime passes. Sam just giggled and laughed at her joke. She wanted us to come here and she wanted us to be turned into girls. My best friend just turned me into a girl because she didn't want to do it alone.


I can't stand it anymore. I tried my best to resist my hunger but it got the better of me. I thought that I could tease the guy and get my fill that way, but here I am teasing but still I hunger. I didn't want this curse changing into a cock hungry woman I definitely don't want to pass it on to this guy. I just can't stop it tastes so good. I am sorry I whisper as I plunge his cock deep into my mouth and start to feed.



Stupid government and their GEP. I can't go out without being whistled at and mentally undressed. It made me sick. When I was a guy I treated woman like the queens they are, I don't treat them like pieces of meat like most men do. I do not need to be turned into a girl to know how to treat woman. I can't wait till this year is over and I can go back to my old life. I just hope Jake plans to use protection tonight I don't want to get knocked up.

Man's best friend.

I made wish on a shooting star. It was dumb at the time but I had just have a big fight with my wife. I wished that she would be more like my dog lucky. I laughed it off but that was when my wife came bursting into the room and quickly threw off her clothes. Something was going on but I was enjoying it. Heather started to lick my dick and then it hit me and I laughed. My mood was a broken when Lucky came running into the room and looked at us whimpering. I looked to Heather and to then to Lucky. My eyes grew wide as I whispered Heather to Lucky and he barked.

Cock tease

This can not be happening. That witch gave me a dick. All I did was turn her down when she asked me for a dance. She told me that I would regret it. That was when I started to feel strange. As soon as I got home I felt pressure in my crotch area. I got undressed and unbuttoned my pants and my cock sprung up. I stared at it and I zoned out. It throbbed and I couldn't help but touch it. The feeling was so good. I started to stroke it and the feeling was intense. I can see why guys love to have their dicks touched. I was in the moment but was taken out of it when my roommate cleared her throat. I looked up at her and saw her gaze locked on my cock. I smiled and asked if she wanted to join in.

July 22, 2018

New Ebook

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Carl's dad does not agree with Carl's choice in who he dates. Carl is dating Zack and Carl's dad has a plan to change that.

Carl drinks the gender change formula that was meant for Zack. Carl soon finds himself changed into a girl. Zack later finds the same formula and turns himself into a girl so they can remain together.

Carl soon finds out that his female self is starting to take control. Will Carl find a way to change back or will his female side Sarah take complete control.

July 20, 2018

GEP play time

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I turned 21 yesterday and was forced into a strange room where they injected me with their gender formula and I was turned into a woman. I am to remain a woman for a whole year. This is all because of the Governments GEP or Gender Equality Program. It is a way for everyone to get to know first hand how the opposite sex lives. My girlfriend is very supportive of me in my new body, so much she is showing me the best way to have fun. The thing is my girlfriends birthday is in a few days so soon she will be forced to get a penis. The thought of her having a dick is really turning me on. I can't wait to see how well built she becomes.

Great Shift blowjob

I was just minding my own business watching tv when there was a huge flash outside. I was blinded for a moment. When I  could see I had a dick rubbing against my lips. I could see that I was now a woman. The man didn't seemed fazed by what happened to me. I wanted to run but my female brain wanted to continue. I guess it would be rude not to finish. I started to lick the tip of his penis and then I took the cock in my mouth. The taste and sensation are like none I have ever experienced. And to my surprise this was amazing and I was loving it. Turns out the flash was from some factory that was working on some experiments and it caused many people to swap bodies. I ended up in the body of Stacy in the middle of her giving her boyfriend a blowjob. Stacy's boyfriend remained unchanged. It also turns out the Great Shift as people are calling it is not reversible, so I am Stacy forever, but as big as my boyfriend is I don't mind at all.

Mirrored life

I found this magic mirror in my grandmothers attic that somehow transported me into a reality where everyone's gender is the opposite. So my mom is now my dad and my dad is my mom and so on. Well being a girl and seeing how awesome my life is I knew there was only one thing I could do. I found the mirror my grandfather had and I smashed it. I did not want to go back to that horrible male life. As I see it shatter and fall apart I smile and skip out of the room.

Breakup punishment

My dad was dating a woman for a while but he broke up with her. The woman was so mad at my dad that she said she would take away the thing that meant the most to him. Apparently my dad bragged about me. He told the woman stories of me and how a good son I am. So the thing she took away was me, sort of. See she took away my dads son and replaced it with a daughter. My dad, the woman and I were the only ones who knew who I really was. The strange thing is I have urges and I am about to act on one. I met a guy at the bar I went to and now I am at his place. So I went from a good boy to a bad girl.