April 23, 2018


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Chad had a secret that he didn't tell anyone. He always wanted to know how it felt to be a woman. He finally decided to tell his girlfriend Christina. She just smiled and said a few foreign words and soon Chad was a girl. Chad couldn't believe it. The two had fun and swapped each others genders. Chad loved being free.


   I always dreamt of playing soccer for my favorite college team, but when they told me that I didn’t make the team I was devastated. I pleaded with them and asked if there was another way I could make the team. They told me there was one way, but I had to be sure. I told them I would do anything to play soccer for them. That’s when I became what you see here. There was a spot on the girl’s team. The dean just happened to know some magic and turned me into a girl. It took a bit of practice but soon I was just as good at soccer as a girl as I was a guy plus just look at me I am hot.

Chat room

I loved going on chat sites and watching the girls show off their bodies. Then I found a spell on a website and decided what could hurt. I got on my favorite site and waited for the perfect girl. I used the spell and it worked. I was now the girl. I played with her boobs for her one last time then I logged off.

April 22, 2018

Taking one for the team

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Greg was about to get married to his wonderful fiancée but a angry ex cursed him and turned him into a girl. All Greg had to do was have sex and pass the curse on to another however that person then would be stuck as a girl forever. Greg's best man Mike decided to take one for the team and had sex transferring the curse to him and turning into a girl. Here Mike is getting dressed and wondering what she is going to do next.


This feels so good. I don't know why my girlfriend wanted to give up this body for my boring male one, but hey her loss is my gain. If these boobs feel this good then how is it going to feel when I play with my pussy. I should let my "boyfriend" play with it since it used to be his, he should know how to use it. Until then these babies are mine.

April 21, 2018


I don't see why most guys dread the GEP. I mean you get one hot body to do as you wish for a year. Your can drink legally and since your a hot chick guys will buy you free drinks. Here I am fresh from the change and already flirted with the tech and now he is taking me out to dinner. I love being a girl.

Bye-bye manhood

As you can see Matt your clock is gone just a cute little pussy. I warned you that if I caught you cheating on me again I would take away the thing you love most. Welcome to womanhood. Now get out I never want to see your tits here ever again. Maybe that bitch you slept with likes girls, the two of you can hook up.

April 20, 2018


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Sam's girlfriend was going out of town and wanted to make sure Sam wouldn't cheat on her so she cast a spell and turned Sam into a girl. Sam is too busy playing with his new assets to even think about sex. Well for now.

Gender Wave

Brian woke up to a strange weight on his chest. Brain played with his new chest for a while. Later he found out that there was a wave of energy that tore threw the town from a power plant. The wave reverse the gender of everyone it touched, so he was not the only one waking up to boobs.

Gender App

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The app works, I can't believe it. If you have a boyfriend or husband or even a sun who thinks women are only put on this earth to please them then download this app and let them listen to the file. My brother here always mistreated his girlfriends who were my friends and I had enough. Here is my new sister ready to go to the mall with me and check out the guys.

Saving a Life

This is not what I meant I would do ANYTHING to save the girl. I was a lifeguard on duty when I saw this girl go under the water and not come back. When I found her she wasn't breathing and I couldn't seem to revive her. So I prayed to let me save the girl. That's when my soul left my body and moved into her body. I am now the girl and my body went under and no one can seem to find it. I can't believe what happened this is crazy I am a girl.


Stupid drunken tattoo. I told them I didn't want a tramp stamp but I'm guessing I told them I did. And of course my friend picks out the girly one they had. The shop apparently has magical ink that can rejuvenate the skin. So when they put the words Rebirth on me it changed my life turning me into a girl. I can't get it removed so I am stuck like this. But now that I look at it, it does look cute.

April 19, 2018

River of Change

The legends are true. I am so sorry Brad I didn't think it would turn you into a girl. If there is anything I can do please tell me.... SPLASH. Oh come on this is not what I had in mind. There has to be a river that can turn us back into guys.

Back pain

I can't stand these boobs. They are making my back ache. I can't believe that the government can get away with their GEP. They shouldn't be allowed change someone's gender against their will and keep them like that for a year. I do love my body but most of the time it sucks. I hate getting cat calls or hit on when at a bar. It is getting ridiculous how women are treated... oh now I see why the government is doing this.

Good Samaratine

What did I tell you about making that witch mad. I told you just leave her alone and give her back her purse. But when I tried to return the purse she thought it was I who stole it. She told me that if I wanted a purse then she would make sure that I would look good with one. NOW LOOK AT ME. I was the one who was trying to be good and now I'm the one with boobs. Now get over here and play with my boobs I am in the mood.

Published Book

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April 17, 2018

Weak moment

Christian didn't know what he was going to do. His girlfriend Caitlin was going to be there any minute, and instead of her boyfriend Christian she will find Christina. Christian was a weak man when Caitlin was out of town, and had a drunk hook up with Alison. Turns out Alison was a werewoman and passed the curse on to him. It's a full moon and Christian is his female self Christina. There was a knock at the door. Christina quickly threw on some Clothes and answered the door as Christian's visiting cousin.


Alexander was one of the first people who had to undergo the governments Gender Equality Program. On his 21st birthday he was led into a room and hooked up to machines and injected with a formula that turned him into Alexandra. As a boy Alex had a secret crush on his best friend Jack. As a girl Alex has a crush on Jack's older sister Jill. Alex wanted to love Jack, but his female body was bringing her closer to Jill. Alex didn't know what to do and it was driving her crazy.

April 16, 2018


    "Beth" Beth's dad said picking her up.  "How many times do I need to tell you,  your mothers wand is not a toy." Beth's dad looked his daughter in the eyes.  "I was able to turn Jason back into a guy and your kitten Amy back to human. Amy is so great full she is still going to marry me."
      "Mew" Was all Beth could say in her current form.

   "Now you will remain a kitten until I can locate Jessica in the lake and turn her back." Beth's dad said putting her down. "Let's hope she didn't end up on some fisherman's dinner plate."

Just for daddy

    Jason woke to a girls laughter.  He sat up and was startled by Beth a friend of his son's.
      "Beth you startled me" Jason said in a very high pitch voice. "What's wrong with my voice. Why do I sound like a girl?" Jason then looked downI'll  was greeted by two famine boobs.  "What happened?"

     "I turned you into a girl" Beth said putting her wand away. "See my daddy has had awful choices in women. I thought I could help and turn his best friend into a girl." Beth said with a laugh. "Besides if you marry my daddy Andy gets to be my brother."

     "You can't just turn someone into something else." Jason said getting angry.

       "Tell that to the Salmon swimmng by the docks or even my kitty Amy." Beth laughed.

        "Wait the two girls that mysteriously vanished that was because of you." Jason said with fear rising.

       "Yes," Beth said pulling out her wand. "I heard Andy always wanted a pet bird." Beth pointed the wand at Jason.

      "No please!" Jason shouted.  "I'll go on a date with your daddy. Just put that wand away."


     Amy wanted to surprise her fiancĂ© for his birthday and waited naked in their room for him. When she heard the door open she was shocked to see her soon to be step daughter Beth.

      "Beth honey don't come in." Amy said. Amy tried to move to cover her naked body but couldn't move. "What is going on?" Panic rose in Amy's voice.
       "Don't worry Amy," Beth said waving a wand around. "It'll be over soon.' Beth walked up to Amy. "Ever since that horrible Jessica I thought my daddy wouldn't find love, but then he met you and you made him happy."

        "What are you doing to me?" Amy said starting to freak out.

         "I was all for allowing you to be my new mommy." Beth said pointing the wand at Amy. "That was until my daddy said you wouldn't let me have a cat." Beth shot a beam out of her wand hitting Amy. "So if you won't let me have a cat then you can become my cat."

          "You are what!" Amy shouted. Amy felt fur start to grow all over her body. Amy felt her ears elongate and move up her head. "Please I'll let you have anything you want, just don't turn me into a cat." Amy felt her teeth start to sharpen. Amy watched in horror as her fingers fused into paws.

          "It's too late." Beth said putting the wand away and pulling out a collar. Amy's bones cracked and reshaped. Amy started to shrink. Soon Amy was a complete cat.

         "Meow" Amy tried to say something. Beth slipped the collar over Amy's head and clicked it in place. There was a fish shaped tag on the collar that read Amy.

Fish in the sea

     "What am I doing here?" Jessica said looking around. Just then she came across the 8 year old daughter of the man she was dating. "Beth, what are we doing here. Why can't I move, and why am I naked?"
      "Oh that is easy." Beth said with a smile. "My daddy is so in love with you that he is planning on asking you to marry him." Beth pulled out a stick from her pocket. "but I know you are only planning on marrying him for his money. So I am going to show him there is plenty of fish in the sea."

     "I assure you I love your father." Jessica said. "Please let me go."

     "Oh I plan to let you go." Beth said waving her wand around. "but after I change you into something daddy wouldn't marry." Beth shot out a beam that hit Jessica.

      "What was that." Jessica said. Just then Jessica felt her body start to shrink and change.

       "Like I said plenty fish in the sea." Beth said with a laugh. "you are just becoming a real fish in the lake." Beth watched as fish scales started to appear and spread along Jessica's body. Her legs fusing into one solid mass and her feet merging into a tail.
      "Please no, I'm a human you can't just change me." Jessica shouted as she felt her body morph. Her arms sank in and formed fins. Her hair receded into her head and suddenly Jessica couldn't breath. Soon Jessica the human was no more just a pink salmon flopping on the deck.

      "Remember Jessica daddy loves fishing. So stay away from hooks." Beth said as she pushed the Salmon off the dock and into the water.

March 28, 2018

Sisterly love

     Jack should have known that something was up when his sister, who hated Jack's guts, bought him a lifetime pass to the new bikini beach park that just opened up in his town. Jack at first was sure it was some kind of prank but it was a legit lifetime pass to the park. Jack wasted no time in heading to the park. The steam coming from the nice hot showers seemed to put him into some kind of daze. As he was washing up he knew something was wrong but couldn't put his hand on it. Soon Jack will realize that his sister did indeed pull a prank on him and now his sister will have the big sister she always wanted.


     James made a bet with his best friend about a local hockey team. The loser was to become the winners girlfriend for a year. James scoffed at the prize and said whatever however when James lost and was magically turned into Jessica she realized how much she should have refused. Now her boyfriend is showing Jess how sensitive her new assets are. This was making Jess so horny she couldn't take it any more and started to unzip Gary's pants.


    My friend and I love to play pranks on each other a lot. So when the government came out with this pink elixir that would allow men to change their genders we both agreed that the first one to change the other got to do what ever the other wanted for the 24 hours till the elixir wore off. It took months of dodging obvious drinks laced with the stuff or buckets filled with it. I even was able to hook up Dave's shower with it but his roommate got in it first and turned into a chick for a day. I went to a pool party thrown by my sister. At first I thought it was odd that there wasn't anyone in the pool yet but I figured since Zack wasn't here why not jump in. When I surfaced I knew immediately that something was wrong. Zack had somehow placed the elixir into the pool. At first I was angry but soon Zack treated me nicely showing me a good time never pressured for sex. We of course did it neither of us could hold off our hormones for too long. The next day when I was supposed to change back I realized something was wrong. Two somethings to be precise. The 24 hours past I should have changed back but I was still a women. Turns out that the elixir mixed with the pool chemicals and made the transformation permanent. When we found out about that I wasn't actually that mad. Zack promised to take very good care of me. He buys me anything I want or need and of course is very good in bed.

Come on

     Come on Mason it's not everyday that you get to experience life as the opposite gender. Now I assure you that my grandmothers spell is completely reversible. I just wanted to see how cute of a girl you would be and I never had a lesbian experience so I wanted to try one. Now come on show me that feminine smile of yours.

       Little did either of them know that the spell was only revisable in the first hour and it took Rachel that much time to get Mason to accept being a girl hope Melony loves being a girl because she is stuck.

February 10, 2018

First time

Jason I just want to thank you for being there for me when I needed you the most and being understanding when I told you that a witch had turned me into a girl for breaking up with her daughter. So I'm a bit nervous I have only been a women now for a month but I feel it is time that I pay you back for everything you have done for me. Seeing as the witch refuses to turn me back and threatened to turn you into a girl too I figured it was time to accept that I will always be a girl. So please be easy on me this is my first time as a girl.

Can't wait

It feels good but all this teasing is only making my hunger stronger. If he doesn't start pleasing me my hunger will go out of control and leave him a mindless bimbo. See I am what you call a vampire but I don't drink blood I drink testosterone. If I control my hunger enough I can suck a guy just enough to make him woozy and maybe a bit feminine but most of the time I feed and drain him of most of his manhood witch turns them into women and passing on my curse to them making them vampires too. But on rare occasions when my hunger is great I completely drain my victim and he turns into a big breasted bimbo and the only thing on her brain is sex. My hunger is great enough that this guy is going to wake up a chick tomorrow but it's up to him whether or not his brain will remain intact.


Oh wow I can't believe Allison and I got paired up for the swap class. I can't help but dance while checking out my body.  What to do with the time I have as Allison I can't waste any time. The rules state that we can't have sex in these bodies but they didn't mention masturbation. I just wish they didn't ban photos and videos this would be my go to video for when I go back to being a guy. I just got to enjoy the view while I have it.


Oh my gosh this is too weird but it feels soo good.  See I used to be a guy but now I am in my twin sisters body and she is in mine. Apparently while we were in the womb something went wrong and our souls ended up in the wrong bodies. Apparently I was always meant to be Jessica and my sister was meant to be Jake but we were born in the wrong bodies. No one would have cared except for when the witch saw our souls were in the wrong body and she figured she was doing a good thing and swapped our souls into our right bodies. So now I am stuck in my sisters body and I just couldn't take it anymore and had to release the pressure that was building up. I guess I can get used to this it feels so right and this was supposed to be mine so screw this oh yeah.


Its my 21st birthday and like every person went in for my mandatory gender swap. Most people are very shy when it comes to their new bodies but I'm like BAM look at my ladies. I love being a chick and going to miss being one when my year is up. As much as I love being a girl I want to go back to being a guy not having to worry about how I look or periods or all the men ogling me. Sure I have fun flirting for free stuff and love the attention but some guys are real jerks or freaks. Pardon me but I have a date with Nate and I don't want to be late he is really cute and rich.


Put a smile on that face hun. These men don't pay us to mope. Remember you owe us a lot of money. Remember sleeping with Jasmine and trying to skimp out on paying her. If you ever want to go back to being that worthless male flesh you were do as we say and please these cowboys in ANY way they want. Now be careful if you get pregnant the magic we use will make your transformation permanent. Now go get them girl and remember to smile.


Here you go he is all yours Ben. You know this is the only way for my curse to break you have to suck the cock of your bestfriend and you will go back to being good old worthless Ben. However your friend Shawn here will take your place and become a girl. This is your punishment for cheating on me with my bestfriend. Don't worry your pretty head about Amber trust me she wont soon forget what she did to me. Unlike you she is permanently stuck as a dildo. So what will it be Ben suck this cock and punish Shawn to be Shelly forever or take your punishment like a man and be doomed to be Beth forever. If you choose to stay a girl I'll give you Amber to play with anytime you want.


Oh hey sleepy head I thought that you would be out a little bit longer I do hate having to explain to people why they are looking at their bodies. So long story short I steal peoples bodies after having sex its my curse and I actually enjoy it. So after sex our souls swap bodies and I enjoy life as a new person with no consequences. See the body your in was a wealthy accountant that was until I swapped with him leaving him in some stripper I swapped with and I enjoyed his money. Now that his money is all gone I need a new one and seeing you bragging about how much money you just inherited from a dead aunt I just had to swap with you. So enjoy having a dick now hun it's yours for life now. Bye bye I have some money to go spend.


No please not now I'm at work I can't go into that meeting as a chick. See ever since I slept with a women who turned out to be a witch and left before she woke up I've been cursed to randomly change into a chick until I have sex. Here I am now about to go into a meeting to get investors to invest money into my companies next product and I get that warm feeling and poof I'm a chick. I always wear a bra under my shirt just for the times I change. I strip off my shirt and turn to the guy next to me and ask him to help me. Hopefully we can finish before the elevator doors open or I will have to explain more to the investors then just my new gender.


I'm so sorry to intrude princess but it's a matter of importance. I'm sure your wondering what happened seeing as the protective spells broke and you went form a boy to a girl. But see your world was invaded and your father king Trent thought it would be safe for you to come to earth but as an added protection we put a spell on you and made you think you were a boy named Zack. Don't worry your false memories will fade and you will remember being princess Trish. Now please your father has been captured and we need a leader so please come with us your world needs you.

January 24, 2018

Better life

I can't believe I just did this to my only son. Sure the psychic showed me how that if he were to remain a guy how he would do terrible things and that would lead to him eventually being murdered by one of his scorned women. The psychic showed me also that if I were to turn him into a girl how much happy and free she would be leading her to get married to a wonderful man and have a loving family. I just hope she will forgive me for forcing this on her but I didn't want her to live that other life. She does look just like her mother did.

Looking good

Oh yes I knew he was going to be the perfect one. I accidently teased a women who turned out to be a witch and she cursed me turning me into a women. I had to give a blow job to a guy in the next 24 hours and we would swap bodies. I guess the witch figured I was to manly to suck another guys cock but she didn't know how much I want a cock back. This guy is so big I can't wait till I become him. I don't care as much for the guy he was a stranger I found at a bar and the way he talked to me he deserves to be a women and get talked to that way forever. Now come to momma. See you on the other side hun.

Sorry sweetie

Don't worry hun it'll be over soon we just needed test subjects for our latest pill. Of course this pill isn't something someone is willing to test so you'll have to do. If the pill works you'll soon be a loving pet. See people are wanting pets that act and behave like humans and we see only one option to actually turn humans into animals. This pill will make a human into a kitten. See your mom actually agreed to test it on you seeing as your one spoiled kid and she figures you would be a better cat then a human. So relax sweetie you're becoming a cat whether you like it or not. If you keep fighting it will only hurt more so be a good kitty.