November 14, 2018

GS new start

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I used to have a horrible life. A job I hated no friends and my family hated me. I just pushed on living my crappy life. That all changed one day when there was a flash of light in the sky. When I opened my eyes I was in front of a mirror. I was now in the body of some hot naked woman. I looked my new body over and loved it. Then I saw what I assume was her boyfriend and knew I had to test out this body further. Turns out the flash was from some kind of event that has been known as the Great Shift where many people were forced into new bodies. There was no way to reverse the swap and that made me happy.

Magical Strip Poker

Sam bought a deck of cards from a store in the mall that would give any game night a twist. Turns out only his friend James Showed up. They started to play a game of poker. When their hands were dealt, they were turned into women. To spice it up they chose to play strip poker. James desperately held onto his bra as it was one of the last pieces of clothing she had left. After that she had only her panties on. Both Sam and James were having fun but didn’t know the true stakes in this game. Once the loser becomes fully naked, she will remain a woman permanently.


Jake knew something was wrong when his ex-girlfriend told him to undress in the back room. Soon he was being smothered. He tired to fight it but something was going on with his body. He could feel his body changing.

"Just relax and let the formula work it's magic." Jake's ex said as she played with his newly formed chest. "It's almost over, you're almost a full woman, you don't want a nice hot bod and a dick right." James soon gave into the inevitable. As soon as the changes were done his ex released him and laughed at what was now her ex-girlfriend.


Brian awoke at his girlfriends house and at first was confused, but assumed he had hooked up with her last night. Brian started to brush his teeth when he saw his girlfriend in the mirror.

"What's up babe?" Brian said, he realized something was off. The sound that came out of his mouth was that of his girlfriend and the reflection mouthed it perfectly. Brian was somehow in the body of his girlfriend.

"It worked!" Brian heard his old voice say. Brian turned to see his old body standing behind him naked and his old cock growing. Brian's female brain took over and Brian knelt down in front of his old body and grasped his cock.

"When in Rome right." Brian said as he slipped his girlfriends cock into his mouth. So much for brushing his teeth.

New start

Tom woke up after a long night of drinking, his head hurt from the hangover. Tom hazily remembers taking home a woman last night, but didn't remember anything after that. When Tom walked into his bathroom he was greeted by the naked blonde he took home, but then Tom horrifyingly noticed that this was a mirror and he was the naked woman. Tom's head hurt worse as he tried to grasp what was happening. Tom soon found a note from the woman.
"I was tired of being used and discarded by so many men that I had enough of being a woman. You were just unlucky man number 100. I hope you enjoy your new life. You will find your new ID and keys to your apartment. Please be out of my house before I get back, I don't want to have to call the cops. Love the new Tom."

Swapped and loving it

Andrew started to get dressed in his newly acquired body.  He had swapped with his best friends girlfriend just to test it out. Just so Caitlin didn't go running to his friend and blabbing he swapped Caitlin into his hamster.After Andrew had some fun with his friend he considered swapping his friend so he could play around in his girlfriends body, but he had so much fun as Caitlin that he actually didn't want to swap back. Andrew danced into his clothes and wondered what other things he would enjoy doing as a woman.

GEP refusal

Hank was still a bit delirious from the procedure. They had to drug him in order to get him to stay still. Hank was refusing to undergo the mandated GEP and was arrested. He trashed many GEP clinics and injured a few employees who got in his way. The courts found him guilty and as a punishment Hank was to under go the GEP and stay that way permanently. Here Heather is finally allowed to move. She looks into the mirror and flips her hair out of her eyes and just laughs and says 
"I'm a chick." Wait till the drugs wear off she may not be so happy.

November 02, 2018

Gender Witch wrong spell

As soon as the Gender Witch cast her Halloween spell she knew something was off. She looked at her spell book and found out the problem. The spell she used only changed the man into a woman if he was masturbating at the time she cast the spell. The Gender Witch was drained and tired so she would have to wait another year to cast her big spell.

October 31, 2018

Newest Ebook

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It's about Christian a newspaper reporter looking into the disappearances of men in his town. He soon stumbles upon women from a gentleman's club. Chris soon finds out that demons are real and Margaret the owner of the club isn't what she says she is. Chris finds himself turning into a woman during the full moon. Can Chris find a way to stop Margaret's plan and keep his secret female self from his girlfriend.

Day 31 Happy Halloween

The so called Gender Witch was relishing in her youth and beauty. Turning men into women has given her strength. She had enough magical power to cast one last spell. This spell would be strong enough to reach all over the world. Any remaining man in the world would soon find themselves changed into a woman. The witch cackles with laughter as she channels her spell.

"Enjoy womanhood." The witch said with a laugh. "Happy Halloween." With a big flash the witch released her spell and relished in the thought that soon all the men on the earth would soon be women.

October 30, 2018

Day 30

While Stacy was getting undressed she saw a ghost staring at her. Before she could scream or run away the ghost flew into her. When Stacy opened her eyes she smiled and started to shake her ass and dance. The ghost was now in full control of Stacy. He was happy to be a woman and a sexy one at that. He was never going to give Stacy control of his body.

October 29, 2018

Day 29

"I love this body." Nate said in the body of his sister's best friend. "I can't believe this worked." Nate wasted no time in checking out his new body. Nate was imagining all the things he planned to do when his sister came into the room.

"Wow Ali, couldn't you wait?" Linda said with a smile. "You know I enjoy watching you get undressed." Nate just looked at his sister as she started to get undressed. Nate couldn't believe what he was seeing. Not only was Linda and Ali best friends, but they apparently are a bit more. In my mind I was screaming for her to stop. I didn't want to see my sister naked, but my body was craving more.

October 28, 2018

Day 28

"Don't look at me like that. You know what you did." Natalie said to her boyfriend. "I warned you not to tease that poor old woman about her looks." Natalie looked at her boyfriends new body and got a bit jealous she had a perfect body. "Now you have to accept her punishment. Look on the bright side. She took pity on you and kept you young." Natalie didn't know what she would have done if the witch had made her boyfriend an old woman, at least now Natalie and her girlfriend could still have some fun,.

October 27, 2018

Day 27

"I am done with you Josh!" Amy screamed at her boyfriend. "I please you, give you the best blowjob ever and when I ask you to please me you just roll over and fall asleep." Amy's eyes glowed white as she channeled her magic. "You are a sorry excuse for a man." Amy cast her spell and where Josh was standing now a big breasted woman stood. "Enjoy womanhood Jen it suites you better."

October 26, 2018

Day 26

It was that time again. I accidently forgot when the moon was going to be full so I was working late when I felt the changes happening. I felt my boobs pushing against my shirt. My shirt stretched as much as it could before the buttons gave way freeing my tits. The sensation of the change was so good I was in total bliss, not even paying attention to the other men working late. The men couldn't keep their eyes off my chest. I smiled knowing that if they didn't leave soon, they would all have a pair of boobs of their own during the full moon.

October 25, 2018

Day 25

My ass continued to softly scream in my head.

"I warned you not to mess with me at work." I said in my mind to the girl that was my ass. "You kept trying to boss me around. I gave you a chance to stop and I warned you, but you refused so I had no choice." I then gave my ass a nice smack and heard the voice moan in pleasure. The girl was being an ass to me so I made her one.

October 24, 2018

Day 24

I needed an anniversary gift for my wife so I rushed to the mall and looked around. I almost gave up hope, but I came across a new store SRU. It was a Halloween store with bottles of fingers or eyes and other things. I almost walked away but noticed a section of lingerie and sex toys. The old man convinced me in buying Heather a pair of panties that was supposed to make the wearer the perfect partner for their significant other. When I got home I had the urge to put them on. The pull was so strong I gave in. As soon as they were on I blacked out. When I came to I felt a strange weight on my chest. I was now a woman. At first I freaked out but I soon grew to love being a woman. Turns out that the magic worked as Heather was secretly Bi and she wished I was a girl and now I was. This was the best anniversary.

October 23, 2018

Day 23

I turned the corner of my house and came face to face with my friend Jack that I warned not to come by today. You see I am a werewoman and I lose control and turn into my female self when the moon is full. Today is a full moon. I can not fully control my female self and she throws herself at any man she sees. So when she saw my friend there was no stopping her until she had him on the bed. I wanted to tell Jack about my curse and well I guess Amy did it for me. At least we can still be friends and our female selves can hunt during the full moon together.

October 22, 2018

Day 22

I was pissed when my so called friend turned me into a girl just so he could bring me to his parents and tell them not to worry and to get off his back about getting a girl. As the day went on I started to have feelings for my friend. I wanted to try and have sex before he turned me back so we went back to my room. When I looked at my friends cock my mind couldn't handle it. I didn't know what to do it was so huge I doubt it would fit in me. I knew that once I saw his cock I knew I couldn't let it go, so I will remain as a girl as long as I can play with this thing whenever I want.

October 21, 2018

Day 21

Tim and his friends were dared to stay in a haunted house and being the big man he was just laughed it off. Well it wasn't exactly haunted as inhabited by a witch who was angered when she returned to find three strange men in her house. Tim watched horrified as he watched the witch turn one of his friends into a fish that flopped on the floor. Tim watched as his other friend was turned into a mouse that scurried off. Tim ran out of the house and tried his best to get away but he was hit in the back by something and stumbled to the ground. He noticed his clothes were gone and he was completely naked except for his shoes.

"You are not much of a man, running off like a scared girl." The witch said with a cackle. "I will fix that." Tim closed his eyes as the witch let out a bright flash. When Tim opened his eyes the witch was gone. Tim looked down and realized he was now a woman. Even his shoes changed. Tim's heart pounded in his new chest.

Day 20

"That isn't very lady like." Jake laughed at his friend.

"Screw you." Ben said flipping his friend off. "How is this for lady like?" Ben was understandably pissed. Ben and his friend Jake were walking around town when Jake saw a cute girl so he whistled at her. When she turns she walked up to them and she looked pissed.

"You think I look good?" The woman said with anger. "Then how about I help you." She snapped her fingers and suddenly Ben found himself a woman. Jake, who was the one who whistled remained a guy. "I hope you and you boyfriend are happy together." The woman stormed off leaving a very confused Ben.

"If it wasn't for you I wouldn't be a LADY!" Ben screamed in his silky smooth voice.

"Well, when in Rome." Jake said with a laugh and motioning to his groin. Ben just rolled her eyes, but she couldn't hold back a smile at the mound that was growing as Jake continued to look at her.

"Screw you." Ben said with a laugh flipping off her boyfriend.

"That is what I am counting on." Jake said with a laugh.

Day 19

"I get that it is Halloween but did you have to dress your dog up in my clothes." Amy said to her boyfriend.

"Oh Sandy isn't dressed like this for Halloween." Rich said with a smile. Suddenly Sandy started to morph. Her fur receded and skin was left behind. Two of her nipples moved to the top of her chest as the others faded. Her paws changed into hands and feet. Her muzzle shrunk revealing a very human face, Amy's face.

"Why does Sandy look like me?" Amy said finally finding words.

"Sandy will be a loyal girlfriend, unlike you, so I am switching your places." Rich said with a grin. Amy's eyes widened as she felt her changes start.

October 18, 2018

Day 18

An old lady had ran into Matt one day when Matt bumped into her. It would not have been a big deal if Matt just apologized but he got a mad at her like it was her fault. To punish Matt she turned him into a woman. Not being totally evil she told him that if Matt could carve a Jack-O-Lantern and impress her she would turn him back. Matt quickly started to carve. All she really wanted was an apology, but Matt wouldn't give it to her. What the old lady didn't tell Matt was the pumpkin that he was carving was his old manhood and as soon as it was cut there was no restoring it.

October 17, 2018

Day 17

Frank was a big college football star and was close to setting a campus record, but someone was not willing to let their record go so easily and decided to do something to stop him. Soon Frank found himself staring at a beautiful girl. Even his favorite NFL jersey and shorts changed with him. Frank was now a girl and there was no way she was going to be breaking any records.

October 16, 2018

Day 16

Heather just stared at the strange woman wearing her stockings and panties. Heather knew who this woman was and couldn't believe it. This strange woman used to be Heather's boyfriend. Heather's underwear seemed to go missing, so Heather put a curse on her underwear so if anyone puts them on beside Heather something would happen to them. So when Heather's boyfriend put on some of her things it turned him into a woman. Jake just looked at his girlfriend and told her that he wasn't sorry and was going to stay like this.

October 15, 2018

Day 15

"Don't you look good in that outfit." Amy said with a laugh. Greg just looked at his girlfriend. "I warned you not to go tease that old lady."

"How was I supposed to know that she would do this!" Greg said motioning to his body. "How was laughing at her for dropping a bag of groceries lead to her turning me into a girl?"

"Just be happy that my old cheerleader outfit fits you." Amy said with a laugh as Greg lifted up his skirt.

"It's the only thing that fits me!" Greg said twirling around and showing Amy his new pussy. "Your bras and panties are too small for me to fit." Greg sat down and pouted like a little girl. This sent Amy into a fit of laughter. Amy was just loving the fact that Greg was now a girl. She would soon tell him that she was actually more attracted to him this way then she was before and couldn't wait to play around later.

October 14, 2018

Day 14

I always liked how pregnant woman incorporated their bellies into their costumes. When my girlfriend and I got pregnant I pressured her into doing a cute costume with her belly. The pressuring led to her getting so mad at me she turned me into a pregnant girl just so I could dress up myself. She thought it would be a punishment but I actually am enjoying this. I love my body and actually fell in love with the child growing in me I actually want to stay a girl forever.

October 13, 2018

Day 13

Kevin had just broken up with his clingy girlfriend and went out to relax by the lake behind his house when he got a bit dizzy and passed out. When Kevin awoke he found he had somehow changed. He was now a woman. Kevin couldn't keep his hands off his new chest. Kevin was getting so aroused he quickly tore off his clothes and started to play with his new equipment. Kevin's exgirlfriend watched in a fit of laughter at what she did.

October 12, 2018

Day 12

Brent couldn't believe this was his life now. He went from a business man to a petite blonde all because he came across an old woman walking around town. Any guy who came across this old woman soon found themselves turned into a woman. Brenda and the other girls were laughed at and thought they were crazy when they came forward. Brenda had no ID or money so her and the other girls formed a business to help make money. Brenda is at the home of the man who inherited her company since he disappeared. Brenda was about to do what the guy wanted when she noticed the old woman had returned to the town and a smile came to her face.

October 11, 2018

Day 11

Matt tried as best he could to resist his curse and his cravings. Matt or Melony as she goes by now is a Sperm Vampire, she craves sperm and needs to feed, but Melony hates cursing men and turning them into vampires just like her. Melony tires to hold off her hunger for as long as she can but eventually it gets the better of her. Melony found this guy at a bar and she was surprised by how hung he was. If she drained every last drop of his manhood it would feed her for a long time. Melony was starving and couldn't wait to feed.

October 10, 2018

Day 10

"Don't you look so cute." Jake said. "I told you not to go buy that costume at that strange shop. Last minute or not you should have just made some stupid costume and now you are a girl. The only costume they had was a cat woman and you had to put it on. Little did you know it was cursed and turned you into a woman. Why are you looking at me like that? I'll admit that costume on you is turning me on, but your my best friend. Screw this let's do this." Suddenly a dress slips over his head. Jake looks down and swears as a his chest puffs out.

October 09, 2018

Day 9

The spell worked I turned my best friend into a woman. I can't believe the thing on the internet worked. If that worked then the other part must be true too. I have 10 minutes to make her suck my cock or the spell rebounds on me turning me into a woman. By the look she is giving me this shouldn't be too hard.

October 08, 2018

Day 8

Kyle couldn't believe what he was looking at. He was a woman. Then Kyle remembered that strange woman screaming at him last night about how to he needed to treat women better. Kyle had just dumped his girlfriend and he laughed at how hard she had taken it. Kyle didn't seem to care about anything other then getting a look at his new boobs. His heart pounded as he was about to reveal his new nipples. So much for a punishment, Kyle was going to enjoy this.

October 07, 2018

Day 7

I had enough of my rival at work. He got everything before me all because he was a guy and I was a girl. I had enough and decided to level the playing field. I barged in as he was in the shower and started to chant my spell

My life is a wreck,
the universe must remain in check.
With these words that I hurl,
turn my rival into a girl.
A girl she will remain however,
because this change is forever.

I watched as my rival started to change into a very shocked and confused woman. I couldn't wait to see how she fairs at work.

October 06, 2018

Day 6

Life is good. I get the best of both worlds. You see I am what they call a werewoman. I am forced to change into my female self during the full moon. At first it was horrible and I wanted nothing but to be free from my curse, but now I love turning into Kaitlin. I enjoy the look on the faces of my victims. Here I am handing a towel to a new girl I just cursed. I know she will love transforming too. I just wished I could do it more then a few times a month.

Day 5

As a punishment for loosing a bet my boyfriend now has to cook me breakfast every morning for a year. And because he repeatedly said the kitchen is a woman's place I turned him into a girl. The strange thing is I actually more attracted to him now then I was before. I may just turn myself into a guy tonight and show her how to really please a woman.

Day 4

Turns out my girlfriend is a witch and she thought it was a good idea to swap our bodies so we could experience sex as each other. The next morning we tried to swap back but the spell failed. My girlfriend told me that the only reason it would fail was if I got pregnant. Great not only am I forced to live my life in the body of my girlfriend, but now I get to be a mother too. I channeled my new magical powers and watched as my "boyfriends" cock grew 4in. longer. I just smiled, if I was stuck as a woman I was going to enjoy it.

Day 3

It never fails the guys I choose turn out to be real dicks. If they want to act like dicks then who am I to deny them their true selves. I knew my newest boyfriend was well hung but he dwarfs my last boyfriend. Enjoy your new life Ken cause I know you'll be more useful now then you ever were before.

Day 2

I don't know what happened but one minute I am studying for my final exam when my roommate and best friend told me I need to loosen up. There was a huge flash and the next thing I know I am on my knees in front of my friend and have the strangest urge to suck his cock. I can't believe how much bigger he is then I used to be. Did I just say used to be?

Day 1

I told you, you would regret sleeping around behind my back. Oh no she will never find out. I gave you a 2nd chance and you still fooled around. Seeing as you love pussy so much I made you into one. Seeing as I am not skilled with inanimate transformations I settled for a pussy cat. Enjoy your life hope she was worth it.