April 22, 2017

Oh my gosh this hair is driving me nuts I can't see how Amy can stand it always getting in the way. I can't let this get to me I need to win this bet. If I fail and complain about being a chick I will lose the bet and have to stay Rachel for a whole year. The good thing is I've almost made it the whole day and nothing but this stupid hair is getting to me. Even the cat calls and slaps on my ass don't bother me and seeing as I'm giving all my neighbors a show swimming naked in our pool I don't care what people think of me but this stupid hair I want to chop it down short. If I can just manage a few more hours I will win and Amy has to walk around nude at our house and play with my cock whenever I wish. I may return to being Rachel every once and a while it is a bit fun.

Ever since I was turned into a girl by my mother who was tired of me not respecting my girlfriends I had been a good girl worried that my mother may do something worse to me. Well eventually my best friend when I was a guy and I started to get a little closer and before you know it I'm stroking his dick. If just stroking him makes me this wet I can't wait till we go all the way. Screw being the good little girl I want to be bad tonight. I don't care if my mother turns me into a cat at least I will have one awesome last night as a human.

Sausage fest

All these girls were guys just a moment ago that was before someone realized that the party was all dudes and someone wished there were girls here. Suddenly poof the four guys suddenly turned into chicks. They wasted no time and ran to the bathroom mirror took off their tops and shook their boobs. Now they are wondering if they should continue the party with just them or go find some cocks to tease.


Come on Jack show me your tits. It's not my fault that my wife cheated on me with you. She is now the true bitch that she is and you get to take her place. Now be a good girl and show me them puppies. Or I could always reunite Angela and you she could use a playmate.


I am getting tired of Amber trading bodies with me just so she can have fun with her friends and not get hit on all the time. Well I'm gonna make her regret her choice on choosing me to trade with. You want to see her boobs just wait a sec here.