July 20, 2018

GEP play time

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I turned 21 yesterday and was forced into a strange room where they injected me with their gender formula and I was turned into a woman. I am to remain a woman for a whole year. This is all because of the Governments GEP or Gender Equality Program. It is a way for everyone to get to know first hand how the opposite sex lives. My girlfriend is very supportive of me in my new body, so much she is showing me the best way to have fun. The thing is my girlfriends birthday is in a few days so soon she will be forced to get a penis. The thought of her having a dick is really turning me on. I can't wait to see how well built she becomes.

Great Shift blowjob

I was just minding my own business watching tv when there was a huge flash outside. I was blinded for a moment. When I  could see I had a dick rubbing against my lips. I could see that I was now a woman. The man didn't seemed fazed by what happened to me. I wanted to run but my female brain wanted to continue. I guess it would be rude not to finish. I started to lick the tip of his penis and then I took the cock in my mouth. The taste and sensation are like none I have ever experienced. And to my surprise this was amazing and I was loving it. Turns out the flash was from some factory that was working on some experiments and it caused many people to swap bodies. I ended up in the body of Stacy in the middle of her giving her boyfriend a blowjob. Stacy's boyfriend remained unchanged. It also turns out the Great Shift as people are calling it is not reversible, so I am Stacy forever, but as big as my boyfriend is I don't mind at all.

Mirrored life

I found this magic mirror in my grandmothers attic that somehow transported me into a reality where everyone's gender is the opposite. So my mom is now my dad and my dad is my mom and so on. Well being a girl and seeing how awesome my life is I knew there was only one thing I could do. I found the mirror my grandfather had and I smashed it. I did not want to go back to that horrible male life. As I see it shatter and fall apart I smile and skip out of the room.

Breakup punishment

My dad was dating a woman for a while but he broke up with her. The woman was so mad at my dad that she said she would take away the thing that meant the most to him. Apparently my dad bragged about me. He told the woman stories of me and how a good son I am. So the thing she took away was me, sort of. See she took away my dads son and replaced it with a daughter. My dad, the woman and I were the only ones who knew who I really was. The strange thing is I have urges and I am about to act on one. I met a guy at the bar I went to and now I am at his place. So I went from a good boy to a bad girl.

Times up

Stupid magical necklace. How was I supposed to know that the story that old lady who sold me the necklace was true. Sure enough when I put it on I was turned into a woman. If that was true then the next part had to be true. I had one 3 minutes to make a guy cum on the necklace or I would be stuck. I didn't even bother getting dressed. I rushed out and basically tackled the nearest man. I pulled out his cock and luckily with my body it didn't take long for him to get big. I stocked his cock and felt it twitch. Warm cum shot across my chest and I smiled. But then nothing happened. I looked at the guys watch and it took me 5 minutes. I was now stuck as a very busty woman.

Going out of town

I don't know why my girlfriend turned me into a woman while she went out of town. As a guy I only liked her and wanted to please her. Sure I looked at other woman but I didn't dream of cheating on my girlfriend, but now with the anger that she would change me and all these female hormones I can't help but look at other men and fantasize about them. Here I am cooling myself off after running into Mike. I can't get the image of what his cock might look like. I hope my girlfriend comes home tonight or she may find me in bed with Mike.

BB heated

When I exited out the shower room at the Bikini Beach resort my girlfriend dragged me to I was mad. Turns out I am stuck as a woman for as long as my pass lasts and guess what pass my girlfriend bought me. She got me a lifetime pass, so now I am a woman for life. I wanted to go chew her out but that's when things got heated in a good way. Turns out Beth was into woman but loved me too much to let me go so she did the next best thing. The more Beth explores my body the more I don't mind what she did.


I have played around with my penis many times, but not like this. See my girlfriend Rebecca decided we needed something a bit more entertaining in our sex lives. So she found some rings online that read that it would swap the bodies of those who put them on. I laughed at first but as you see I am in Rebecca's body stroking my old cock. The strange thing is I am really enjoying it. When Rebecca falls asleep I am going to flush the rings down the toilet trapping us in these bodies.

July 14, 2018

Witch's House

    Penny and her boyfriend Gavin loved to sneak into abandoned buildings and film everything that goes on in there. They are well known for their videos showing known haunted houses and showing that the rumors are false. Penny and Gavin’s newest mission was to break into a house rumored to be inhabited by a witch.
    “Hey babe,” Gavin called to Penny. “did you charge the batteries for the cameras?” Penny rolled her eyes. Gavin has kept talking about the batteries all day there was no way she was going to forget.
    “Yes!” Penny yelled. “They are fully charged and ready to go.” Penny shoved the camera equipment into her bag and threw her arms through the straps and secured the backpack tight. She was not about to lose another bag due to it slipping off when they get spooked.
    “Did you charge the backups?” Gavin yelled again. Penny puffed up in anger.
    “Yes!” Penny yelled stomping her foot. “Get your butt down here now so we can get going.” Gavin came down the stairs and Penny started to laugh. Gavin was wearing all black including a black ski mask. “You look ridiculous.” Penny snatched the mask off Gavin and gave him a kiss. Penny pulled away and looked at Gavin again.
    “What?” Gavin asked looking to Penny. “I don’t want to be seen breaking into this house. Penny’s jaw dropped, and she shook her head. She prayed that he was just being funny.
    “You do know we post this video of us on the internet, right?” Penny said with a laugh. “Your face is going to be all over the video. You don’t need to wear that.” Penny looked at the clock and saw it was getting late. “We don’t have time to waste making you change so come on let’s get moving.”
    The two packed up the car and drove an hour to the destination. The sun was just setting making the house look even creepier. Penny got out or the car and the first thing she noticed was the lack of any animal noises. It was dead silent except for the sound of the light breeze and the creek of the house.
    “Creepy.” Gavin said stepping out of the car and looking around. “I hope we find something good this time. I am tired of the lack of content in our videos.” Penny looked to Gavin. Was he being serious, did Gavin really want to be chased by a ghost just so the videos would be more entreating, Penny thought.
    “And all the videos of you screaming and running around aren’t entertaining?” Penny said with a chuckle. Penny turned to the house and a cold shiver ran down her spine. “This place is the creepiest one we have visited so far.” Penny smiled this was sure to bring them a ton of views. Penny pulled out her small camera and started to film Gavin.

    “Welcome to our newest adventure.” Gavin said puffing out his chest trying to make himself look braver. “As you see today we are visiting the famous witch house.” Penny paned over to the house and filmed it. Penny’s heart skipped a beat when she saw something move in a window. Penny looked up to the window but nothing. Penny shook it off as just a tree branch shadow or something. Penny panned back to Gavin. “It is rumored that a witch lives here and punishes anyone brave enough to enter her house.” Penny turned the camera to herself now.
    “We plan to search the house and see if the rumors are true.” Penny said with a smile. Penny and Gavin then made their way towards the house. Penny kept the camera moving showing different parts of the house. She even zoomed in towards the window she thought she saw something move. Penny and Gavin reached the front door and Penny panned the camera back to Gavin.
    “We are about to enter the Witch house.” Gavin said reaching his hand out to open the front door. Gavin turned the knob and gently pulled the door open. Suddenly there was a loud sound, and something flew out of the open front door. Penny ducked out of it’s way and Gavin screamed and ducked. Penny laughed at the way Gavin freaked out about a bird flying out of the house. Penny then panned to the open window in the living room.
    “It was just a bird Gavin.” Penny said with a laugh. “It must have flown in though the open window. Gavin stood up and tried to act all tough to cover up his cowardice.
    “I was just a bit taken back by the loud noise.” Gavin said puffing out his chest. Penny panned the room but couldn’t see what could have made that sound. That was a bit unsettling but old houses did make strange sounds. Penny and Gavin made their way into the house and looked around. Suddenly the camera showed low batterie symbol.
    “There is no way.” Penny said turning the camera around looking at the batterie pack. “This was a fully charged battery when we left.” Penny pulled the dead battery pack out and pushed in a new one.
    “I told you to charge them before we left.” Gavin said sounding smug. Penny turned to him and puffed up in anger.
    “I did!” Penny shouted. As soon she shouted those words she regretted it. She heard her voice echo through the empty house. The house suddenly creaked and swayed a bit. Penny turned the camera around the room and panned to the front door just in time to catch it slamming shut.
    “What the!” Gavin shouted almost jumping out of his clothes. Amber panned back to the window and saw the curtains blowing wildly from the strong winds. Then she heard a faint sound of thunder in the distance.
    “There is a storm coming.” Penny said looking to Gavin. “Didn’t you check the weather before we left?”
    “Of course, I did.” Gavin said rolling his eyes.
    “Did you check the weather for this town?” Penny asked putting her hand on her hip. Gavin’s eyes went wide. “You idiot.” Sure, enough the sound of rain pounding the house could be heard. And the thunder grew louder. Penny walked over to the open window and closed it. “Now we are stuck here until the storm settles.” Penny pulled out her cell phone to try and look at the weather radar just to see the low battery symbol again and her phone die and turn off.
    “Forgot to charge your phone too.” Gavin said with a laugh. Penny then chucked her phone at Gavin and it smacked him in the chest. “Hey easy girl. I was just joking.” Penny then looked to her camera and saw the low battery again.
    “Something is going on.” Penny said looking up to Gavin. “Something is draining the power in our electronics.” Gavin rolled his eyes and pulled out his phone. Penny smiled as Gavin started to smack it against his palm like that would make the phone work. “See” Penny stuck out her tongue.
    “Well this is one interesting adventure.” Gavin said. Suddenly there was a flash of lighting and a huge boom of thunder. This caused Gavin to jump. And the house’s lights flashed on and off.
    “You wanted something exciting and here you go.” Penny said with a laugh. Penny looked out the window at the lighting storm. “Maybe all the electricity in the air is causing our electronics to malfunction.” That was when they heard footsteps coming from upstairs. The color in Gavin and Penny’s face drained.
    “Someone else is in here.” Gavin said with a stutter. He slowly backed up to the front door. Gavin turned around and grabbed the door handle just to pull away and wave his hand. “Dang the doorknob is electrified. I just got a shock.” Penny looked out the window and saw there was a lot of flashes of lightning.
     “This storm is bad.” Penny said looking at Gavin’s burnt hand. “The house must be attracting the lightning. Don’t touch anything metal.” Both jumped when they heard a door slam.
    “I knew we shouldn’t have come here.” Gavin said shaking. Penny shook her head at her strong boyfriend.
    “We need to see who that is.” Penny said looking up the stairs. “Maybe they are stuck here too.” Penny then realized there was no other car or car tracks leading to the house, but there was the open window. Gavin nodded and the two made their way up slowly to the next floor. Gavin cowered behind Penny. Penny didn’t know why she stayed with such a scaredy cat. There was only one room upstirs. The door was cracked open a bit. That worried Penny because she knew that the door had slam shut so someone had to open the door again. Penny pushed the door open and they crept slowly in.
    “Penny please lets just go back downstairs and wait out the storm.” Gavin said hiding his head in Penny’s back. Penny rolled her eyes. If it wasn’t for the good sex and the videos she was sure she would have dumped Gavin a long time ago. Penny walked into the room and saw that it was a bedroom. Penny saw an open window with the curtains flapping crazy.
    “See it was just an open window.” Penny said walking over to the window. Penny closed the window. Penny then knew this was the window she saw something move in. Her heart started to pound because she knew this window was not always open. Penny turned around and let out a scream as she saw a figure standing behind Gavin.
    “Trespassers are not welcome.” The old lady said in a raspy voice. Gavin turned to face the woman. The woman placed a finger on Gavin’s forehead and Gavin froze. Penny gasped as she saw a tail snake its way out of Gavin’s pants. Gavin’s ears started to get pointy and move to the top of his head. Penny’s heart started to beat faster. Her boyfriend was being turned into a cat right before her eyes. Penny couldn’t believe that for once the rumors were true.
    “Help me.” Gavin pleaded. Penny wanted to help but she couldn’t move.
    “It will be over soon.” The witch said looking to Penny. Penny looked to Gavin as he started to shrink and fall onto all fours. Soon Gavin disappeared into his clothes.
    “Why are you doing this?” Penny squeaked out. The old woman bent down and pulled Gavin out from his clothes. Gavin was now a complete cat.
    “You broke into my house.” The witch said putting Gavin down. The witch took a few steps towards Penny. “Now what to do with you.” Penny just let out a squeak form fear. The witch smiled. The witch touched a wrinkly finger to Penny’s forehead and Penny felt a surge of electricity course through her. Penny felt itchy all over as gray fur started to sprout all over her. She felt a tail push its way out from her pants. Penny then saw what kind of animal she was turning into as the tail was not covered in fur. Penny tried to cry out but all that came out was a very mouse sounding squeak. Penny felt her ears get more round and bigger. Penny looked to the witch as she started to shrink. The witch waved bye to Penny as she disappeared into her clothes. Penny wasn’t in the dark for long as the witch moved Penny’s clothes uncovering a very tiny scared mouse. “Don’t you look cute.” The witch then turned to Gavin. “I wouldn’t stay in the open for long. I am sure your boyfriend here is a bit hungry.” All Penny could think of was run, flee find safety. Penny saw the cat stalk towards her. Penny squeaked and took off towards a hole in the wall.

July 12, 2018


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Newest E-book by RoadEnds
Those that have read The Medallion book I am just wondering if you enjoyed the change from my typical books. Or should I just focus on the normal gender change book.

July 10, 2018

Sexy time

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I can't believe that this is my body. Ashley didn't appreciate me and teased me. I promised her that she would be with me or regret it and sure enough she laughed in my face. So I had no other choice but to steal her body. Now her sexy body is all mine and I can't wait to try it out. I love all the attention that this body is getting me. I don't much care for the guys so Ashley is going to come out as a lesbian. Now to trash her reputation and have some fun.

Good Time

"Doesn't this feel good." Amber said to her boyfriend after she cast a spell on him that turned him into a woman.

"OH MY GOSH!" Hank moaned the pleasure was so much more intense then when Amber touched his dick. Hank pushed his new pussy into Amber's hand he wanted more. "Don't stop."

"There is more where this came from." Amber said with a smile. Amber didn't tell Hank but the spell she used to turn him into a girl did not have a counter spell so Hank was going to be a woman for the rest of her life. Amber was going to show Hank such a good time that Hank wont even miss his dick.

July 08, 2018

Gender Witch strikes Part 2

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Tim was a victim of what people are calling the gender witch. The Gender Witch just walked into his house and when Tim stood up to tell her off and he was struck by her magic and soon was turned into a woman. At first Tim didn't want to explore. He even tried to plead to the witch to turn him back. Tim finally gave in and took a shower. Tim couldn't believe how good his body felt. He was loving how his ass felt and how toned it was. Tina was just a bit sad that the Gender Witch had changed all the men in her town. Tina was just going to have to find a town where the Gender Witch hadn't hit yet.

GEP: testing out the goods

Troy and his girlfriend are testing out Troy's new body after he came back from his mandatory GEP appointment. Tracy was expecting it to a bit awkward as both of them would be girls but Kelly showed Tracy just the right places to touch to make her body feel like it was on fire. Tracy loved every second of it and was going to miss it once he returned to his male body. Kelly was talking about how when she becomes Kevin he has to show her how to have fun. Tracy was definitely not looking forward to that.

Hacked App

Alex was having trouble hooking her bikini top. Alex just couldn't get used to having boobs. See Alex used to be a guy, that was until his work found him harassing his female co-workers. So they gave Alex a choice. Either get fired and sued for sexual harassment or they would use a hacked version of the Gender App and change Alex into a woman. Alex is regretting her choice.


Allen hooked up with a very attractive woman at the bar last night. He and her fooled around all night. The woman told him that she was going to give him a gift and started to give him the best blowjob he has ever received. Allen was so into the sensation he didn't notice his skin getting softer or his body hair disappearing. Allen was turning into a woman and he didn't even notice it until he felt the woman's tongue enter his newly formed pussy. Ally soon let out a high pitch scream when she realized what just happened.

Gender witch strikes part 1

Cole was one of the latest victims of the gender witch. The gender witch goes town to town and change any guy she meets into a woman. The world is overrun by males so the witch sees turning men into woman as a way to balance the gender equality. Cole wasn't all that upset in fact she was ecstatic. Here she is showing off her new assets to one of her friends who was one of the lucky few not to get changed.


Joe couldn't believe what he was about to do. Joe knew he shouldn't have gotten into that strangers car but he really needed a ride. One minute Joe is getting a lift and the next minute the driver is chanting in some strange language. Suddenly Joe was a girl. The man told him that the payment for a ride was a blowjob. The man promised to change Joe back as soon as he got his payment. Joe puckered up and gave the man his payment.

Showing the ropes

Katherine was showing her newly changed victim the ropes. Katherine and Beth are what you call vampires. However they don't feed on blood. They drain the male essence of their victims. Ken was having the time of his life until he heard Katherine telling Beth to make the blowjob memorable because Ken wouldn't have a penis for very longer. Ken wanted to do something but it was too late he was completely under their control and she would soon would be joining them on their hunts.

July 02, 2018

Newest E-Book

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My newest E-Book takes a turn from my other books and centers on a female main character, Amber, who inherited a magical medallion that grants her any wish she can think of. Her first wish was accidental turning herself into a cat. There are a few transformation including other human to animal one there is a male to female transformation and a short inanimate transformation. Amber soon finds out that there is a price to pay if she misuses the medallion. Can Amber refrain from using the powers of the medallion for her own selfish reasons or will she give in to temptation and pay the price.

June 29, 2018

GEP Enjoyment

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Allen just underwent the GEP and was amazed at the way he turned out. His boobs are huge. Amber loves the way she gets looks. Amber loves to tease guys with her boobs always showing them off. Amber couldn't find a bra big enough without buying specialty ones so she just wears a small t-shirt that holds them up. Amber figures this body is only for a year so she is going to enjoy it while she has it.

BB no regrets

Jack was washing up before heading out to the water park. Jack had bought a pass to the new Bikini Beach park that just opened up. Since they just opened up there was a huge sale on lifetime pass that Jack couldn't pass up. Turns out the park is only for woman and any guy who goes into the park is turned into a woman for as long as their pass lasts. When Jack first noticed he was a woman he couldn't stop touching his own ass. Jack didn't mind that he was going to be a woman for the rest of his life because she has a nice booty.

Revenge swap

These boobs are awesome. Look at these bad boys, this will be the last time you get to see your old boobs because they are mine. You teased me led me on that you liked me only to turn around and make fun of me. No more. This body is mine and now you're the one stuck in that nerdy body. I am going to enjoy being you.

June 23, 2018

Cheating ass

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        "I warned you about cheating on me." Alice said as she pulled her panties up and down around her butt. "I gave you a second chance and you blew it. If you love ass that much you can enjoy being one." Alice enjoyed teasing Brad with her panties rubbing against him even going into him. She loved the muffled screams she could hear in her head as he was screaming out in pleasure. Alice loved how much more firm and large her ass was now. "The next guy that cheats on me better be a boob man because I could use a few more cup sizes."

Hacked Gender App.

The magical Gender App that was becoming well known and used turned any man into a woman who listened to it. The app itself was hidden so only a few could find it. And the app was not labeled Gender App so the victim didn't know what it was. Some hackers however were able to hack the program and change some things. See the app was designed to fully change the man into a woman and have his memories erased and replaced as if he was always a girl. However a lot of men wanted to use the app but did not want to lose who they were so the hackers changed the app and resold it and called it Boobs. The new Boobs app became wildly popular and people like Thomas here loved the results. Why have a woman's body if your male mind isn't intact to enjoy it.

Great shift: Brother and sister

Tim and his sister never saw eye to eye and the day that the great shift landed them in each other's bodies that didn't change. Tim loved to show off his sisters body even letting guys touch and look at them. Tim's sister was getting tired of the way Tim treated her body. The last straw came when Tim was going out on a date and he shook his body and his boobs flopped around. Tim refused to wear a bra. Tim's sister then told him two could play at that and she striped naked and ran down the street naked. Neither of them knew at the time that the swaps were permanent so embarrassing the other was pointless seeing as your just embarrassing yourself.

GEP fun

Greg had just went to the governments GEP facility and underwent his mandatory sex change. Greg was actually excited. He always wanted to know how being a woman felt like. Soon Gina was born and she loved every second of it. She loved the attention she got from the guys she saw. She loved the free drinks at the bar. Gina loved to flash her chest at any guy she caught looking at them. Gina was having fun and wondered if she should make the swap permanent.

Fish in the sea

       "How dare you steal my man from me." Janice screamed at Grace. "He just broke up with me saying he found another."
        "There are plenty of better fish in the sea, Janice. And your boy chose me." Grace said with a smile. Janice grew even angrier and snapped her fingers. Grace froze unable to move. "What are you doing?"
         "Just like you said. There are plenty of fish in the sea." Janice said walking up to Grace. "It wont hurt if there is one more." Janice pushed Grace down and started to undress her. "Fish don't wear clothes."

         "Please stop! You can have Tom." Grace said as tears ran down her cheeks.

         "It's too late for that. The magic is already changing you." Janice said as she watched Grace's smooth skin start to turn a pale green and turn scaly. Janice watched as Grace's legs fused together and her feet flatten out into a fin. Soon all that was left of Grace was a pale green fish. "Stay off the hook Grace." Janice then pushed the fish into the water and watched as Grace swam off.

June 19, 2018


Please Check out my E-books If you have kindle unlimited you can even borrow my books for free

Mike knew form the moment he laid eyes on Valerie he knew he wanted her. However Valerie didn't want him, so Mike took it a step further and swapped bodies with her. The cops took crazy Mike(Valerie) off to jail after he attempted to strangle Valerie(Mike) screaming some crazy thing about giving him his body back. The new Valerie wasted no time in exploring every bit of her new body. Mike found that his body is very flexible that may come in handy later when he goes to find someone to help him explore his new body.

Request by anonymous

Brandon's girlfriend was tired of how much time Brandon spent online. When She found Brandon's porn files she had enough. If Brandon loved looking at woman so much then he should be one. She put a curse on the computer that the next time Brandon got on he would turn into a woman. Sure enough as soon as Brandon turned on his computer he started to change. His chest started to balloon out and cause his shirt to burst open. The strange thing was Brandon was loving his new body.

Punishing a cheater

Brian thought he was so smart and sleeping with 3 different woman all at the same time. What he didn't realize was that they were witches and when they found out they punished him. They changed Brian into a woman. They made him run out in public naked. They made him kiss a total stranger. They promised Brian that all he had to do was give a man a blowjob and he would change back. Brian hesitated at first but he wanted to go back to being a guy that he did what they asked. The thing was the girls had no intention of changing Brenda back as soon as the guy shot his load in Brian's mouth Brian would be Brenda forever.

Epic ride

Stacy hated how her boyfriend treats her and figured he was not suited for being a guy. Stacy knew she had to change him. If Tom wasn't much of a guy Stacy was going to turn him into a girl. Tom will learn how to treat a woman by becoming one. Stacy felt bad about what she was about to do so she figured she would give Tom's cock one last epic ride before he vanished.


Hank couldn't keep it in anymore his hunger was building he needed to feed and his body only craved one thing. See Hank was what people call a vampire but Hank doesn't feed on blood but manhood. One night Hank slept with a woman who was only interested in giving him a blowjob. The next morning Hank wakes up as a woman and she is starving. Hank soon finds out what he craves. Hank tries to go as long as he can before he has to feed because he doesn't want to curse anyone else, but his hunger gets the better of him and he has to feed just like tonight. Poor fellow doesn't know this is the last blowjob he will ever get.

In your pants

I had a crush on one of my classmates and I finally got the nerve up to ask her out but I was so nervous that I worded it a bit wrong. I asked her if I could get into her pants. I don't know why I said those words but I did. At first she smiled and acted all slutty then she snapped her fingers and everything went black. When I was able to see I was looking into a mirror but what I saw made me freak out but I couldn't move or scream. I was Tracy's ass. Tracy turned me into her ass so I could get into her pants and so I could puff her ass out more. Tracy jumped up and down and shook me the feeling was so overwhelmingly orgasmic that I wanted to burst.

Final Exam

"And she thought she could get the better of me." Heather said after her 2nd victory over a fellow witch. See Heather here is a fashion witch. She specializes in turning people into clothes. Heather is on her final exam to become a certified fashion witch. There is only ever one each year. All the participants are scattered around the city and are left naked. They must find the other participants and turn each of them into a piece of clothing that she can wear. The last one standing gets to keep her trophies and allowed to become a full fashion witch. Heather only has a few more to go before she passes, but all could fail if a witch surprises her and turns her into a bra.