April 28, 2017

Good girl

Scott had a crush on Lori but Lori didn't have the same feelings. Scott was at the mall when he came across a store that he never saw before. It looked like an antique store. The store owner came to him with an old necklace and told him that this would solve his problems with Lori and that she would be more obedient to him. Scott accepted it and quickly left the store. The store owner yelled out to him to not have sex with her while she had the necklace on but Scott didn't hear it. The antique worked perfectly and Lori did everything her master asked. The highlight of his night was the best sex ever but as he rolled over he noticed Lori's ears start to elongate and move to the top of her head. He watched as the love of his life started to change into a dog right in front of him. Well at least she was still obedient. Scott went back to the store and the old man was there and told him he tried to warn him and handed Scott a dog collar with the name Lori on the tag.

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