August 06, 2017


Get a nice look at me Jack you see I wasn't always this hot girl. You see I used to be a nerdy guy by the name of Eugene. And I was tormented in high school by you. I figured just 4 years then you'll be out of my life but nooooo you just so happened to go to the same collage as me. I figured I suffered you for 4 years what's another. Finally I graduated and found a job but what does the universe have in store for me but I get my dream job in a company who so happens that your family owns and of course your daddy promotes you to oversee the work force. You have tormented me my entire life now it's time I pay you back. See my aunt is a witch and she told me a way to get even with you so she turned me into this girl to seduce you and  alone and vulnerable. See we are gonna swap bodies your going to become this sexy chick with no identity and I'm going to take over your body and your life and your money. At least you will be a sexy women just know if you somehow come back into my life I will have my aunt turn you into a bug and I will squish you myself. See you on the other side bitch.

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