August 06, 2017

Brotherly love

Jake invented a time machine and he was able to go back in time and save his older brother from dying before Jake was born. With all the stories that his parents told him Mike sounded like an awesome person and Jake was going to do anything to bring him back. As soon as he saved his brother time rewrote itself and since Jake didn't have a reason to travel back in time never needed to invite the time machine. That's not the only thing that changed somehow since their first born son survived that car crash they didn't rush into having another child till later and so Jake was born a few years later then he was at first and not only that but he was born a she. Jacqueline is waking up for the first time since time traveling to find out what has changed. At first she was terrified that was until her big brother heard her crying and comforted her. Giving up her gender was the least she could do to have her brother.

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