August 06, 2017

Magical punishments

This is the best $100 I spent. My boyfriend Matt was cheating on me with non other then my own sister. I was heartbroken so I went to the mall to buy a whole bunch of stuff on Matt's credit cards before I dumped his ass. That's when I noticed an old looking antique shop. When I walked in the nice old man who runs the store came up to me and gave me this doll and told me that it would allow me to get back at Matt. At first I was suspicious but if it didn't work at least it was Matt's money I wasted. Turns out it was a voodoo doll and it changed Matt into a chick and I allowed me to tease a very sensitive spot. Now that Matt is occupied it's my sisters turn. All I have to do is tie this cow bell over her neck and watch her turn into a fat cow.

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