August 06, 2017


Ok Mandy what should I do first in your body. I'll teach you it isn't nice to tease people and turn all the girls I know into thinking I am a freak. I'll show everyone just how much of a freak YOU are. Now should I go streaking down the road yelling. Should I go have sex with the ugliest guy in town. Should I go and binge on every restaurant and plump out your body. Of course I am going to do all of that in due time but first I need to kiss my body in front of everyone you know. Of course I could just keep your body and live the perfect life you have. Wow this is tempting at first I wanted to punish you and trash your body then return it but the longer I am in your body the more and more I want to stay in it. I will try out your body with your boyfriend tonight and if I absolutely love it I'll keep your body. So have fun in my body it may be yours soon.

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