June 09, 2017

One time use

Come on Rick don't cover up your girls like that. I went to the trouble to find the gender switching spell to swap our genders so we can have more exciting sex the least you can do is let me see your boobs. When I turned into a guy I let the boys fly free.... Oh wow a male brain is definitely wired for sex. Come on let me see those tits babe.

Rebecca did you look at the spell really closely or did you just want a dick of your own so badly you jumped at the first spell you could find. The spell clearly states one way gender swap. Once we change genders we are stuck forever. So that cock you so love to stroke actually will be yours permanently so hun get used to that male brain of yours your gonna have it for a long time. I told you swapping genders was a bad idea now I have to have periods and fear that YOU may get me pregnant. At least I do have a nice rack.

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