June 09, 2017

Senior skip day part 1

Bikini Beach used to have a no topless bathing rule but the younger crowds wanted to get that perfect tan so they did away with the rule seeing as it was a female only water park and no guy was going to see all the topless women. Zack was one of the guys not to know what a female only park does to men who buy passes. Zack and some of his friends thought it would be fun for senior skip day to buy passes to the park and watch all the ladies sunbath topless. They all gave Zack the money and was supposed to buy the passes for them. Zack was the last one of his friends to turn 18 and was the guy they made do all the stupid stuff. The day that they were all supposed to meet up all but Zack chickened out. Zack having all the money and wanting to look cool in front of his chicken friends decided to buy a LIFETIME pass for himself. Zack soon found out that the mandatory shower turns any male visitor into a female and would remain female till their pass expires. So if Zoey had bought a day pass like she planned she would have swam around a girl and went to school the next day a guy. Her stomach felt sick as she realized she was now a chick for LIFE. The owner apologized an told Zoey that the magic that turned her into a girl also changed the world so it was as if Zack had always been born a girl. Zoey started remembering things for her life including the night of her 18th birthday where her and her "boyfriend" Pat did it for the first time. At first Zoey hated being a girl but she grew to love it. After high school Zoey wanted to thank her boyfriend so she gave him the best blowjob ever right before she showed him the lifetime pass to Bikini Beach she bought just for him.

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