June 09, 2017

Senior skip day Part 2

Patrick and his girlfriend Zoey had been together since elementary school. They didn't start dating each other until high school. Patrick found it kind of strange that his memories of Zoey were a bit fuzzy until the ones about senior year. After the senior skip day where all buy Zoey chickened out about going to the Bikini Beach female water park Zoey seemed to not be herself. But Pat didn't mid really they did all stand her up. After they graduated he noticed Zoey going back to herself. That's when Zoey gave Pat the best blowjob of his life. Zoey then gave Pat a lifetime pass to Bikini Beach telling him that it would be a perfect thing to do as a couple. At first he was skeptical seeing as it was known to be a topless park and the only boobs he needed were Zoey's but he guessed it would be a fun thing to do together. Pat didn't realize something was up until after the shower. That's when the magic not only changed him into Patricia but erased the memories of his girlfriend Zoey just to realize she used to be his best friend Zack. who they stood up on senior skip day. Patty really didn't want to go out and see Zoey knowing that Zoey had tricked her into coming and turning into a girl. She braved the world wand went to find Zoey. Turns out Zoey wasn't mad she actually just wanted someone to remember her being a guy. Zoey and Patty were BFFs since elementary school and they still were. Patty loves getting the perfect tan where as her bestie Zoey actually misses having a boyfriend. Patty decided that as a thank you to Zoey she would hook her up with her brother that way if the two ever got married Zoey would become her sister.

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