June 09, 2017


Matt understood what he was doing when he bought a week pass to bikini beach. The park was pretty good at keeping its secrets secret but Matt knew a girl who worked there and she told him all about the magical showers. Matt's friend Shawn told a lie to his mother that he had a girlfriend. Shawn's mom didn't believe him and wanted to come visit for the week. Matt wanted to help his friend Shawn out and bought a pass for the week and became Shawn's girlfriend Melissa. Shawn's mom grew to like Melissa telling him how she feared Shawn may actually be gay. When it came time for Shawn's mom to leave she got into a bad accident and was bed ridden. She moved into Shawn's place. At first Shawn was going to break up with Melissa so Matt could go back to his life but Melissa bit her lip and told Shawn that she would buy a lifetime pass and become Melissa forever. Melissa soon found after buying the lifetime pass everything changed it was as if Matt never existed. Turns out that Shawn's mom met Melissa before and didn't have to come visit that one week and she never got into that accident. Shawn soon purposed to Melissa and she never thought again about her life as Matt.

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