May 22, 2017


A friend of John's gave him a coin and told him it was magical and that it would grant him any one wish. John was lonely except for his cat Amber and he wondered what she would look like as a human so he held the coin and wished for his cat to be human. He watched as his cat started to grow in size and loose her fur. Soon there was a very attractive women where his cat used to be. The women stared to purr and walked over to John. She grabbed his hands. John was too mesmerized by his former cat he didn't realize she snatched the coin. He snapped back to reality when she wished that John was a cat. His heart sank as he started to shrink. Amber moved the pile of cloths on the floor revealing the new John. She told him that he was not her type but she did have a few cat friends who he would be perfect for.


  1. Delicia,bela,lindo bumbum,que tesão,beijos....

  2. Já nu aqui linda e louco pra chupar e foder gostoso,que tesão,beijos....