May 11, 2017


Here you go Tina here is your hunk of a boyfriend back. See after hearing you brag about how manly your man was and how big and sexy he was over and over I got tired of it. So I decided to change him and punish you at the same time. See I have a magical pink potion that can change any male into a female. I bet you didn't know that about me. Yeah remember that old boyfriend you had before this hunk that was me. You dumped me for him that's when I decided I needed a fresh start and took the pink potion myself. I was fine being your friend and hanging out but just hearing you brag on about him just made me mad. Oh and all I had to do was promise him I would show him my boobs and he came running over. So be happy I turned him into a chick he wasn't much of a man. Oh and she loves it when you nibble on her ear lobe.

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