May 04, 2017


NO NO NO this can't be happening. Why in the world would you dump a bucket of cold water on me don't you know that body suits permanently attach when you get splashed with cold water. Fuck off you did know you just wanted me to stay as Sheela didn't you. What did you expect that I would just say oh thank you for giving me this body now I'll suck your cock... Oh no why does that thought turn me on. No please I didn't know that my mind would change too. Oh my gosh this feels so good...

Hey there babe sorry I'm a little soaked at the moment but if you want we can go dry off and I can give you that lower massage I promised you. Thanks again for allowing me to stay here I seemed to have lost all my id and money. I hope I can pay you back for all the kindness now pull out that cock mommas hungry.

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