May 11, 2017


Some friends I have. We all went to a party where there was real magic. One such magic was one drink of beer got you drunk but only lasted an hour with no hangovers so if you drank one beer an hour you would keep your buzz. There was many things like that one of which was popular for a few was the magic pool that would change your gender but be careful because it only be used by you once so you can't use it to change back. Well I didn't fell like drinking that night and my friends were calling me a party pooper. Then someone dumped a bucket of beer on me. Afraid the beer would soak into my skin and get me drunk I took off my cloths. Well that's when my friends got the brilliant idea of wrapping me up in a blanket and throwing me into the pool. As you can see by the time I hit the bottom I was a chick. I hope those bastards know that I am not going to give them a blowjob tonight. Well ok maybe one while the others watch.

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