May 02, 2017

Witch hunter

All you novice witch hunters are all the same you rush in to take down a witch without real knowledge. Did you really think taking my spell book would stop me. As you can see Mr. hunter I still have magic. If you would have listened to your elder hunters you would know a witch's spell book is only for the more complicated spells. I can easily change your gender and tie you up without it. Now the only reason you are still human is that I want my book back. Now be a good girl and tell me where you hid it and I may just keep you the way you are and let my son have a pet. Or you can be stubborn and in that case like I said I don't need it so you are no longer use to me human so I will just turn you into a toad I do need more toads for a potion. So what will it be tell me where my book is and remain my son's girl toy or refuse and spend the rest of your short life as a toad.

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