May 04, 2017

Hit witch

Well it was fun while it lasted Jake but its time I turn you into a chick. Nothing personal just business. I was paid good money by your ex girlfriend Gina to punish you and make sure you never use your cock to tease another girl again. Don't believe I'm a witch here with just a flick I can instantly make you cum. Now don't worry once your a girl she will be in control she will do everything all you have to do is float there in your head screaming if you want but it will be useless. Now I'll let you decide red hair or brown hair. Don't worry about your cup size Gina was nice enough to pay for DD size boobs so you can get all the guys attention. This is a nice big cock it would be a shame to go to waste so I'm going to take it and make it into a dildo just for you bye bye.

1 comment:

  1. Que tesão linda,delicia,faz aqui também,beijos....rsrsrsr