May 11, 2017


Ah Amy scream all you like no one can hear you your just a voice in my head. I have done this for years and have mastered body snatching. I could be you for years without tiring out so don't waste your energy. See I snatch bodies and sell them to the highest bidder. Someone paid me a hole lot for me to take your body someone by the name of Ken. He used to be a boyfriend of yours till you dumped him at a family get together. See he always wanted you to walk around the house naked so here you are fulfilling his dreams. Oh and he wants you to be barefoot and pregnant so we are going to do just that tonight. Soon you will be pregnant and his girl. Well that is as soon as he gets you knocked up I will snatch his body and move his soul to this body trapping him in the body he wanted with you forever or whoever gets in control so have fun being pregnant and trapped with your ex.

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