May 01, 2017

Best ever

Your girlfriend just shared a secret with you that she was a witch. You laugh and you saw how hurt she was so you tried to make her feel better and told her that if she was a witch to turn you into a girl. She smiled and told you she was hoping you were going to ask that. Suddenly the room starts to spin and when it stopped you noticed a weight on your chest. You look down to a nice set of boobs. You look at your girlfriend with jaw agape and she just started to lick her lips. One thing led to another and you wind up on your bed. Your girlfriend starts to lick you new pussy and your hands go on auto pilot to your chest. As soon as your hands touch your boobs you get the most pleasure you ever felt in your life. After it's all done you plead with your girlfriend to keep you a girl forever. She smiles and tells you that the spell not only changed him but the whole world. So it has been as if you were always born as a female.

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