May 22, 2017

Sweet revenge

Come on Brad seriously we need to find the spell to reverse this before its too late. Being a chick was fun for a while but now its time to get our real bodies back.

Don't be a buzz kill Chad let us enjoy it one more time these bodies can do it multiple times without needing to rest.

What Chad really was doing was stalling for time. Chad cast spells on him and Brad to change them into girls to see what it was like. Chad cast a timed spells the one on him would expire turning him back to male self after 4 hours but the one he cast on Brad would last 4 hours too but when time expired he would be locked in the body of a girl. Chad just had to stall and keep Brad occupied long enough and he would be stuck as a chick. That's when he gets for stealing Chad's girlfriend in high school.

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