May 02, 2017

Girls dorm

My girlfriend and I go to the same collage. The only thing is the dorms are gender specific. There are rumors about guys sneaking in after hours into the girls dorms and never being seen again. That's probably because they got expelled or at least that was what I thought before I found out what exactly happens. See the women in charge of discipline turned out to be a witch and she does not appreciate boys sneaking into girls rooms. One night I had to go see my girlfriend late at night and we had fun. The next morning I wake up to find out I am now a girl. Not only that but the witch changed my whole world apparently I am and always have ben Jennifer. My girlfriend and I are roommates and have been BFFs since preschool. The best thing is I love being a girl and my boyfriend and I are going to make it official tonight. Hope he doesn't fall asleep in my dorm or he will wind up as a girl too.

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  1. Delicia linda,muito gostosa,belo bumbum,quero chupar e foder bem gostoso ,beijos....